What are the Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors?


If you manage a commercial facility, you know just how important the garage doors are – they’re used everyday in the loading and unloading of goods and in the movement of materials.

There are many different kinds of commercial garage doors and each type serves a different purpose. The wrong choice can lead to many problems in an industrial facility – most notably declined safety and efficiency.

Here, we will look at the different types of commercial garage doors to help you decide the one that is right for your business.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

1. Standard Overhead Doors

These are the conventional garage doors. They are typically used when the operations can be categorized as either low or mid-volume.

standard overhead doors

a) Sectional Doors

These are usually made from galvanized steel. They are usually insulated to protect against either hot or cold unwanted environments, thus providing an energy-saving option. Sectional doors also offer soundproofing capabilities.

Built with a space-saving design, sectional doors feature vertical mounting and ceiling-secured door tracks. Most sectional doors also have advanced insulation and environmental control technology to keep the inside of a space at a comfortable temperature and free of bugs and airborne particles.

Product spotlight: Lenworth Sectional Overhead Doors

– The insulation in Lenworth Sectional Overhead Doors is free of harmful CFCs and HCFCs.

– The doors are constructed with superior quality to last for a longer period of time.

– Additionally guaranteeing years of trouble-free operation is its heavy-duty construction, which is designed to withstand extreme conditions and built to last.

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2) High-Speed Overhead Doors

High-speed doors are a step up from standard commercial garage doors. These provide a high speed of operation, which makes them best suited for high-volume facilities where speed and efficiency are of great importance.

The high-speed overhead doors come in four types:

a) Freezer High-Speed Overhead Doors

Freezer facilities that use these doors are very efficient because they are fast and keep the cold air in. Their high speed makes them the most suitable for use in food production and storage facilities and other freezer applications. Moreover, these doors feature advanced, superior insulation technology that ensures that the insulation and temperature control provided are of high quality. Most designs are well-advanced enough to keep ice from building up from too much condensation.

Product spotlight: Dynaco Freezer High Speed Door

A great example of this product is the Dynaco Freezer High Speed Door.

– Offers superfast speeds, lower energy costs, a 5-year warranty on the motor, and an uncompromised level of safety.

– Tighter seals around the perimeter of these doors help keep the cold air inside the freezer where it belongs.

– This is all accomplished without any reduction in either speed or the level of safety.

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b) Fabric & Rubber Roll-Up Doors

this is a photograph of a high speed overhead door in a warehouse

Fabric and roll-up doors are used in many industries for their flexibility, durability, and easy maintenance. One of the most popular uses of fabric and roll-up doors is in warehouses, garages, factories, and retail stores. The open design provides flexibility for storing inventory, and the fabric makes it easier to see what is stored inside. Since they are made from fabric and rubber, they have a softer bottom edge than high-speed overhead doors made from aluminum. These doors are ideal for preventing accidents and resisting damage over time.

Product Spotlight: Dynaco S-731 Rubber Door

Dynaco S-731 Rubber Door is one of the finest rubber doors you can find on the market.

– Combines durability, aesthetics, and robust functionality

– The door withstands high values of static wind pressure (130mph) and has self-reinserting abilities.

– So indestructible is the design that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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c) Heavy-Duty Aluminum Roll-Up Doors

Albany High Speed Overhead Doors

There are many industries that use heavy-duty aluminum roll-up doors. These doors are used in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. Heavy-duty aluminum roll-up doors provide a barrier from the outside world and keep the environment inside the building clean and dry. They are easy to install, maintain, and operate.

To open and close, these massive doors typically use interlocking flat or curved plates of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum that wrap around a drum. Any type of indoor or outdoor application requiring security can be solved by rigid doors.

Product Spotlight: Dynaco S-631 Rigid Door

The Dynaco S-631 Rigid Door is a door drive system with increased longevity. The cutting-edge DiscDrive technology used in its construction eliminates concerns about the length of time needed to fix any damage caused by an accident.

– The doors remain operational even when a lamella has been removed after impact and lamellas can be individually replaced within minutes.

– They offer a feature-reach solution for securing garages while also providing flexibility and longevity.

– Enabling quick replacement of the damaged lamellas after a collision ensures minimal downtime.

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d) Weather Door

all weather commerical garage door

Its name says it all. The weather door is meant to give you peace of mind during hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions that would otherwise do a lot of damage to your building.

Product Spotlight: Dynaco All Weather M2/M3 Door

The Dynaco All Weather M2/M3 Door is the perfect door to weather that storm. It has been specifically built for exterior applications to handle high loads from wind.

– It uses a unique and patented, state-of-the-art drive system.

– An accidental impact causes the inner guide to expand, allowing the curtain to separate and re-insert without any manual intervention.

– Because of the door’s high degree of flexibility and the application of soft edge technology, numerous accidents that would have occurred otherwise have been avoided.

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3) Rolling Steel Doors for Large Facilities

These are best suited for massive facilities due to their high coverage and high security, which are needs faced by such facilities. Through efficient use of the energy available, rolling steel doors offer several benefits to large facilities and help them slash their energy costs by a large amount.

Besides offering high durability, rolling steel doors are customizable and can suit any application, from chain-hoisted to motor-driven doors.

Product Spotlight: Lenworth’s Rolling Steel Doors

Lenworth’s Rolling Steel Door is the best rolling steel door on the market.

– It is made in Canada by engineers who understand how harsh the Canadian weather can get.

– This personal touch ensures they build a high-quality rolling steel door.

– No extra costs are incurred with the Lenworth’s Rolling Steel Door since it has a G90 galvanized finish that requires no further paint.

– Moreover, the design of the Lenworth’s Rolling Steel Door surpasses the required industry standards.

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What’s the Best Door to Protect Your Facility?

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Lenworth manufactures and provides top-of-the-line commercial garage doors to facilities all over Canada. With Lenworth, you can expect:

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