Why High-Speed Doors Are Ideal in Freezer, Cold Storage & Food-Grade Applications


High-Speed Doors For Freezer, Cold Storage and Food-Grade Applications

When it comes to improving performance, enhancing safety and promoting productivity in freezer, cold storage and food-grade applications, high-speed doors are an investment facility managers should consider. They are engineered to maintain a high level of performance in dynamic workplaces where time, efficiency and sanitation are everything.

Read on to learn more about the lineup of high-speed doors that we carry and service, and how they can help you achieve operational success. 

1. High-speed Doors Can Improve Facility Efficiency & Productivity

Operational efficiency and productivity are essential when it comes to adhering to tight schedules and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. While this relies heavily on a skilled and efficient workforce, it’s just as crucial to providing your team with the right equipment that can help boost their productivity and promote seamless operation. 

To help facilities eliminate unnecessary waiting times at key entry points, high-speed doors present a clear advantage. In high-traffic facilities, they provide seamless entry through door openings, allowing workflow to progress without interruption. High-speed doors work so efficiently that your employees don’t have to wait around for the cycle completion or feel like their work is being held up unnecessarily.

These doors move up to 10 times faster at the speed of up to 100 inches per second compared to standard electrically-operated doors. When considering the number of open/close cycles that these doors perform over the course of multiple weeks and years, the benefits from a productivity standpoint can be significant. 

high-speed doors for freezer and cold storage

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2. High-speed Doors Are Built for Safety and Sanitation

Efficiency should never come at the expense of employee safety and well-being. High-speed doors are built to help make facility operations safer without compromising employee mobility or productivity. Here’s how: 

INFRARED PHOTO EYES & WIRELESS SENSING EDGE: These features automatically work to reverse the door immediately upon detecting, or contacting, an obstruction. 

SOFT BEAN BAG COLLAPSIBLE BOTTOM EDGE: For additional safety, this soft-edge, self-repairable curtain is free of heavy, rigid components, protecting users and equipment from hard-edge accidents for both pedestrian and forklift traffic.

ACCIDENT FORGIVING AND SELF-REINSERTING: Because these curtains are self-repairable and free of rigid components, they are very forgiving in the event of downward, secondary and lateral impacts. Plus, when these doors are struck or impacted, they are able to reinsert themselves back into place.

GEAR-DRIVEN “PUSH-PULL” SYSTEM: This system positively drives the curtain in both directions, eliminating maintenance- and damage-prone tension systems, wind stiffeners and bottom bars.

EGRESS FEATURE: In the event of emergency, fire, flooding and other pressing safety issues, personnel can move through soft-curtain high-speed doors with ease and efficiency, eliminating the need for additional pass doors.

Sanitation is also imperative in freezer, cold storage and food-grade applications. The benefits of high-speed doors are clear: 

  1. They can lead to a faster transfer of traffic in and out of freezer rooms, cold rooms and cleanrooms 
  2. They minimize fluctuations in temperature 
  3. Excellent seals on all four sides of the door limit the loss of cooled air and save energy 
  4. When used in conjunction with an air curtain, they will mitigate the build-up of frost, ice and condensation 
  5. Flexible door curtains are free of rigid parts and are self-reinserting in the event of an impact 
  6. Cleanroom models are independently tested to meet the ISO 6 class for an airborne particulate generation 

Learn more about how High-speed Doors can create safe & sanitary working environments here >> 

3. High-speed Doors Require Low Maintenance and Fewer Repairs

Downtime caused by equipment damage, repairs and maintenance can create significant inefficiencies and disruptions to the normal workflow. 

With model-dependent features such as direct-drive motors, self-repairable curtain designs, dynamic braking, smooth surfaces free of exposed fasteners and soft bean bag bottom edges, high-speed doors are ideal for busy facilities where downtime due to faulty or broken equipment can be very detrimental. 

Some high-speed door models also feature communication systems such as countdown timers and communication lights to reduce the chances of damage or accidents. Not only do these features lead to comprehensive facility safety, but they also create a more accommodating and streamlined environment for all employees.

high-speed doors for freezer and cold storage

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4. High-speed Doors Can Lead To Smarter Energy Usage

With their slower opening and closing speeds, overhead doors can contribute to major energy loss in high-traffic facilities if the potential liabilities aren’t addressed. Used properly, high-speed doors can help freezer, cold storage and food-grade facilities use the energy they produce more effectively. Here’s how: 

REDUCED CYCLE TIMES: The increased speed of these doors when compared to standard overhead doors make it far easier to control and reduce air transfer between different areas of the facility. The less time the doors stay open, the less unwanted airflow occurs between different facility areas where maintaining temperature differences is essential. 

TIGHTER SEALS: For applications where cold air containment, cleanliness and sanitation matter, high-speed doors are crucial. From flexible stiffeners, encapsulated side guides and overall tighter perimeter seals, interior high-speed door models will ensure that you are consistently getting the most out of the energy you use to both heat and cool certain areas of your facility. 

INSULATION & ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL: High-speed door models from DYNACO come with insulated door curtains consisting of two layers of PVC filled with an insulating material that can be specified to help prevent the loss of cold air. 

We Supply, Install & Service Many Makes & Models of High-Speed Doors 

If you’re looking to take meaningful steps towards optimizing your operation and are ready to invest in high-performance high-speed doors for your freezer, cold storage and food-grade facility, contact Lenworth today about our best-in-class lineup of products. 

We believe in providing our customers and clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. This means competitive service costs, high-end equipment, improved response time and full compliance with current health & safety regulations. If you have more questions about our products and services, contact one of our representatives today! 

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