Industrial Indoor Air Quality Products

Lenworth’s lineup of industrial indoor air quality (IAQ) products can help to filter, purify and evenly distribute air in large industrial facilities. From helping employees breathe easier and eliminating airborne pollutants to increasing comfort and lowering energy bills, these products come with safety and operational benefits.




Using state-of-the-art design and engineering, indoor air quality products like the EcoAir System and the Jade Air System can help facility managers create a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment for all employees.

The EcoAir System cycles 1 million cubic feet of air through the system every 60 minutes. Not only can the system filter particulates down to 0.3 microns in size, it also helps to eliminate stagnant air pockets and destratify the air for more evenly distributed temperatures and lower heating costs.

The Jade Air System offers premium protection against airborne viruses, toxins, pollutants, particulates, and odours. In addition to circulating air in large quantities, the system delivers a multi-stage purification process that filters, sterilizes, and re-energizes indoor air.

We are an accredited, certified facility improvement company. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, particularly when it comes to IAQ system installation, post-purchase care, and routine safety inspections. Our best-in-class preferred service program and commitment to quality and service have made us a leader in the Loading Dock and Industrial Overhead Door industry for more than ten years.

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    The EcoAir System
    The Jade Air System
    ecoair system
    Technical Data

    Dimensions: 48” (L) x 48” (D) x 87” (H)
    Weight: 950 lbs
    Sound Level: 68-72 dBA
    Drive Type: Direct with integrated electronic controller
    Fan Wheel Type: Axial fan with sickle blades
    Impeller Construction: Aluminum
    Fan Speed: 11,000 RPM
    Air Flow: 15,550 CFM
    Amps: 9.4/4.8/4.8
    Electric Soft Start Integrated Controller
    Moisture + Hot/Cold Climate Protection

    The EcoAir System

    The EcoAir System’s patented air filtration technology is a complementary solution to any industrial space with source capture systems or as a stand-alone ambient air cleaning system. Aside from helping everyone on-site breathe easier, it can help decrease pollutants, increase comfort, and lower energy bills.

    The system helps eliminate airborne irritants by cycling ​​1 million cubic feet of air every 60 minutes, filtering the air down to 0.3 Microns. In addition to cleaning the air, it also eliminates stagnant air pockets to create evenly distributed temperatures. This means faster heat recovery in the winter and a cross-breeze of clean, fresh air in the summer.

    The EcoAir System also aids in air destratification — a process that pushes hot air trapped at the ceiling downward, leading to better distribution of warmer air and more efficient energy use. This way, you can lower your heating bills while saving on cleaning costs due to decreased particulate and dust build-up.

    Learn More About the EcoAir System Here! 

    jade air system
    Technical Data

    Dimensions: (D) 12 in x (H) 33.5 in (D) 30.5cm x (H) 85cm
    Weight: 30.6lbs / 13.9kgs
    Sound Level: Low – <30dB / High – 55dB
    Air Flow: Up to 460 f3 per Minute
    – Pre-Filter Intake Chamber
    – Ultrafine Particulate Filter (HEPA-Rx) Activate Carbon Filter
    – Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs
    – Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber Revitalizing Chamber
    – Air Quality Sensors Included
    – Hand Wave Sensor to Prevent Cross-Contamination


    The Jade Air System

    As one of the world’s most advanced standalone commercial-grade air purifiers, the Jade Air system offers premium protection against airborne viruses, toxins, pollutants, particulates, and odours.

    Using a highly advanced three-stage air purification process, the system captures and destroys nearly 100% of pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and fungus before re-energizing the air. It’s capable of moving large quantities of air at whisper-quiet operating levels, making it an asset in large industrial facilities.

    In addition to a pre-filter stage that captures large particulates, the Jade Air’s proprietary HEPA-Rx filter captures ultrafine particulates down to 0.0025 microns in size, while a carbon filter absorbs VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such noxious odours, chemicals, and gases.

    Following filtration, a high-intensity UV-C+ light ruptures the DNA of viruses and bacteria and effectively destroys them. The system then releases Hydroxyl Radical molecules into the air which neutralize pollutant molecules to create a more sterile environment.

    Learn More About the Jade Air System Here!

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