Turnkey purchasing and installation solutions for loading docks and overhead doors. 

Loading Dock & Overhead Door Installations

At Lenworth we provide all types of industrial installations including loading docks, overhead doors, fans, security gates & more. Our installations are carried out by top-tier professionals who are driven by their passion for the industry.

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We install a wide variety of high-quality loading docks and loading dock components including dock levelers, loading dock seals and truck restraints across Canada.

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 Overhead Door Installations

From rolling steel doors to high-speed doors and pass doors, we install all types of doors and door systems. We’re proud to be a member of the International Door Association

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 HVLS Fan & Gate System  Installations

In addition to loading dock & overhead door installations, we also install HVLS (High-Volume Low-Speed) Fans and security gate systems for industrial facilities.

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