Loading Dock Levelers

Lenworth’s premium loading dock levelers improve workplace safety and efficiency.

Lenworth Dock Levelers help to ensure a smooth and safe loading and unloading process at your facility. We provide several types of conversion kits for all types of existing loading docks as well as the installation of new loading dock levelers, construction of new concrete pits, and offering complete Turn-Key dock leveler installations including complete electrical connection.

Which type of loading dock leveler should you choose?

Lenworth offers turn-key installations and repairs on many different dock leveler models. With over 100 years of collective industry experience and top-trained technicians Lenworth can repair, install and do maintenance on all types of dock levelers, including:

– Pit-style dock levelers
– Vertical storing dock levelers
– Edge of dock levelers

Lenworth takes pride in carrying high-quality dock leveler products. Features vary depending on the leveler type or model, however, there are a few shared features between all of our dock leveler products:

– Large selection and variation of dock levelers
– Strong relationships with manufacturers & suppliers
– Industry leading strength ratio with high tensile steel
– Assured motion float for full-width contact
– Locally manufactured in the GTA

To understand more about the pros and cons of each style of dock levelers, read our article on Understanding the Different Types of Dock Levelers.

Loading Dock Levelers Toronto

We’re proud to offer sales, service, maintenance and more on all types of loading dock levelers in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Our best-in-class preferred service program, platinum product line offering and commitment to quality and service have made us the leader in the Loading Dock and Industrial Overhead Door industry for more than ten years.

What are the advantages of choosing a high-quality loading dock leveler?

Each type of dock leveler carries different benefits depending on your facility’s unique needs. That being said, all Lenworth dock levelers carry the following benefits:

– Locally manufactured in Toronto
– Industry leading warranty offerings
– Readily available, cost-effective aftermarket parts

Pit-style Loading Dock Levellers

Lenworth pit style dock levellers are an integral part of loading bays across Canada. These durable units provide a smooth path for cross-docking traffic and reduce bumps and bouncing that can injure forklift drivers and damage both equipment and cargo.

Vertical Storing Loading Dock Levellers

Lenworth vertical storing dock levelers are the perfect loading dock solution when strict climate control or high cleanliness levels are required. By allowing overhead doors to close all the way to the pit floor, energy loss is minimized and dust, debris, and pests are kept out.

Sample applications include:

– Frozen food storage
– Pharmaceuticals
– Beverage handling

Edge-of-Dock Levellers

Lenworth edge-of-dock leveler’s are an economical solution for applications that do not support the installation of a pit-style leveler or loading docks that serve standard trailer heights. Edge-of-dock levelers are easy to operate and represent an ergonomic and safer alternative to dock plates.

Why choose Lenworth? It’s simple – trust, hard work & passion. Every employee lives and breathes our core values on a daily basis. In addition, we bring three key components that our competitors often fall short on:

A Solution-Based Approach

We review customer history, application and issues, and then provide recommendations for better products that can avoid persistent issues, reduce downtime and improve operating costs.

Competitive Pricing

We are often not the least expensive but we always provide our customers with added-value and a fair pricing model that reflects our quality of work and expertise.

Top-Tier Technicians

Our technicians go through a multi-tiered training program and are sent to industry-leading courses to ensure constant education and high quality of work. Going further – they arrive to your job site with their trucks fully stocked and ready work each and every time. No multi-trip jobs – just honest hard work.

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