Lenworth’s form-fitting loading dock seals reduce draft and lower energy costs.




Lenworth loading dock seals create an efficient facility. Dock seals help to reduce draft and lower energy costs while contributing to a professional-looking facility. We’re proud to offer sales, service, maintenance and more on all types of loading dock seals across Canada.

Lenworth loading dock seals vary in type depending on a facility’s needs and budget levels. However, Lenworth offers the ability to customize a dock seal to suit any application.  Some of those key features include:

– Exclusive 66oz wear flaps on impact/tear points – 3x the industry standard
– Wear flaps include 4” exposure as standard – 2x the industry standard
– Dock seal options and accessories for any standard or custom application
– Locally manufactured in Canada
– Resistant to weather, punctures & tears
– Thickest vinyl in the industry
– Allows for double the overlap of 8″ industry standard
– Quickest turnaround times

You may be eligible for a loading dock seal rebate in Ontario. See our article on dock seal rebates to learn more.

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    Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal
    Lenworth Dock Seals
    Lenworth Technical Data
    Technical Data
    • Curtain Options: Adjustable and fixed curtains
    • Materials: Vinyl, memory foam, pressure treated wood, and galvanized steel


    Designed to work best where doors are over 9’ H and/or where trailers vary in height, the 0201 is an economical way to form an air tight seal between the building and trailer for dock openings up to 10’ W x 12’ H. For added versatility, the Series 0201 is also available with an adjustable head curtain that can be easily positioned by one person from inside the building by means of rope and pulley after the trailer is in position. The resilient foam pads can be covered with a large selection of tough abrasion resistant fabric, creating a tight seal that blocks foul weather, insects and dust, while saving money on energy costs. The Series 0201 Dock Seal will also protect personnel, product and equipment while increasing comfort, safety and productivity.

    Features & Benefits

    At Lenworth, we’ve paid close attention to the details so you get the best product possible. For example, the yellow guide stripe on the Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal is vulcanized (heat sealed), not sewn on, and the seals are customized to ensure perfect sealing. We also offer adjustable curtains for trailers with varied height, and fixed curtains for standard highway trailers, and all of our seals are long-lasting and low-maintenance.


    The Adjustable Curtain Dock Seals feature long lasting, high quality vinyl with u.v. stabilizer to prevent fading. High density memory foam compresses on all sides, reducing the potential for damage. The backing is made of the highest quality pressure treated wood, and wrapped in vinyl, and the mounting brackets are made of galvanized steel.

    Click here to download our adjustable curtain dock seal information sheet.

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