4 Benefits of Using Rolling Steel Doors


benefits of using rolling steel doors

4 Benefits of Using Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors provide numerous benefits for facilities that require durability, insulation and security. Traditional overhead and commercial doors perform well in many applications, but a rolling steel door can ensure the kind of high-coverage, high-security performance that large facilities need.

Rolling steel doors can also help facilities save energy by improving insulation. Energy is the second- or third-largest expense after labour for many businesses¹. This is partly due to rising energy costs, but inefficient energy use certainly contributes to this trend. National Resources Canada reports that millions of dollars are wasted every year by energy-inefficient buildings. The added insulation of a rolling steel door can help facilities improve energy conservation during the approaching winter months. This can lead to reduced costs and better overall working conditions for employees. Learn more about some of the benefits of using rolling steel doors.

1. Insulated Rolling Steel Doors Save Energy

Insulated rolling steel doors can help you save energy in your facility this winter. As the cold weather approaches and facility heating costs become more of a concern, effective insulation cannot be overlooked. These doors can work to shield loading dock areas from harsh winter weather. They also better contain the warm air generated by an HVAC system.

Lenworth Rolling Steel Doors use an interlocking slat design and high-quality insulation inserts to ensure consistent density and complete coverage over the entire door surface. Additionally, the lintel brush, vinyl guide and bottom bar seal work together to prevent drafts and air infiltration. These features work in unison to deliver high-quality protection from the elements.

2. Rolling Steel Doors are Highly Durable

Rolling steel doors are also highly durable. Lenworth understands that in order for facilities to run productively, every building component must perform consistently and efficiently. That is why we design our rolling steel doors to withstand damage and extreme environmental conditions.

The structural angle guides and the aluminum bottom bar stand up to wear-and-tear and repair quickly, with little hassle. The oil-tempered torsion springs are designed to last for approximately 50,000 open/close cycles. These design features give our rolling steel doors the industry-leading strength and durability needed for long-lasting performance.

3. Rolling Steel Doors are Safe and Secure

With the sheer number of priorities and tasks that require attention, security shouldn’t have to be a concern for any facility. Rolling steel doors provide reliable security that will give any business or facility manager the peace of mind they need to better focus on day-to-day operations. A dense frame and interlocked curtain slats make these doors nearly impenetrable by human hands, while their reinforced design allows for heavy abuse. These features make break-ins a highly improbable occurrence.

4. Rolling Steel Doors are Customizable and Professional

Rolling steel door designs are customizable to suit virtually any application. They can be operated with a chain hoist or a motor depending on a facility’s preferences. The rolling barrel door curtain is ideal for facilities with minimal space, as it takes up far less surface area than a traditional track system. This design is also perfect for applications where a lack of headroom is a concern.

Lenworth Rolling Steel Doors also come in a galvanized finish that doesn’t require any further painting. The slats have a grey primer and powder coat in over 180 standard colours to ensure a cohesive look with the rest of your facility. The guides and bottom bar also come standard in a dark bronze finish that can be customized with a powder coat. These features ensure that your rolling steel door will both look professional, and perform at a high level according to your facility’s needs.

Lenworth Can Help Improve Your Facility

If you have questions about the benefits of rolling steel doors, or about how your facility can improve energy efficiency, Lenworth is happy to offer a free, no-hassle consultation. A Lenworth representative can help you determine whether rolling steel doors are the right choice based on your building’s specific needs and characteristics.

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