High-Speed Door Alternative

The Lenworth Infinity Drive is built for speed, efficiency, and durability.

The Lenworth Infinity Drive is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to a traditional high-speed door. The Infinity Drive is built for speed, efficiency, and durability – it can handle thousands of frequent operations. The Infinity Drive is also constructed with very few moving parts contributing to a reliable addition to your facilities that packs a ton of value.

To learn more about how The Lenworth Infinity Drive can help, see our article on Understanding Types of High-Speed Overhead Doors.

High-speed door alternative sales & service in Toronto & the GTA.

We’re proud to offer sales, service, maintenance and more on all high-speed doors in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Our best-in-class preferred service program, platinum product line offering and commitment to quality and service have made us the leader in the Loading Dock and Industrial Overhead Door industry for more than ten years.

What are the advantages of choosing The Lenworth Infinity Drive?

The Lenworth Infinity Drive is a high-speed alternative to your traditional high-speed door. It enhances operational speed significantly allowing for much faster open/close times and reduced mechanical wear with minimal moving parts.

  • – Operate at up to 24”/second
    – Soft start, soft stop operation
    – Eliminates common mechanical wear components

The Lenworth Infinity Drive is a durable, cost-effective solution to increase efficiency in your facility. The Infinity Drive provides a number of benefits including:

– Improves operational efficiency significantly
– Significantly reduces heating costs in winter months
– Virtually maintenance free
– More cost-effective high-speed option

Why choose Lenworth? It’s simple – trust, hard work & passion. Every employee lives and breathes our core values on a daily basis. In addition, we bring three key components that our competitors often fall short on:

A Solution-Based Approach

We review customer history, application and issues, and then provide recommendations for better products that can avoid persistent issues, reduce downtime and improve operating costs.

Competitive Pricing

We are often not the least expensive but we always provide our customers with added-value and a fair pricing model that reflects our quality of work and expertise.

Top-Tier Technicians

Our technicians go through a multi-tiered training program and are sent to industry-leading courses to ensure constant education and high quality of work. Going further – they arrive to your job site with their trucks fully stocked and ready work each and every time. No multi-trip jobs – just honest hard work.

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