Truck Restraints

Lenworth truck restraints contribute to facility and employee safety by holding trucks in place during the loading and unloading process.

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Truck Restraints

Are you thinking about investing in truck restraints for your Toronto based facility?

Lenworth is proud to offer sales, service & maintenance on all types of loading dock restraint systems in Toronto and surrounding areas to help keep your facility safe and efficient.

What is the main benefit of using truck or vehicle restraints? Preventing the following common loading dock accidents:

Trailer creep. This occurs when a truck slowly moves away from the loading dock as a result of traffic in and out of the truck. It can often be a very gradual process that is easy to miss in a busy, time-sensitive environment.

Early departure. This is a simple human error wherein the truck driver exits the dock area too soon. This can lead to loss of product, damage to the truck and/or dock and potentially even injure employees. Truck restraints also feature a two-way light communication system that allows dock operators to properly signal drivers when loading or unloading procedures are complete.

Truck upending. Truck trailers can often pop-up or upend when they are forced to contend with the weight of a forklift. For example, when the weight of a forklift is at the front, causing the rear of the trailer to rise away from the loading dock.

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