Introducing the Lenworth Platinum Series

For more than a decade Lenworth has challenged the industrial improvement industry to operate with a higher standard of quality. The introduction of the Lenworth Platinum Series product line marks an exciting new benchmark for the industry as a whole.

The Lenworth Platinum Series is a line of products with exclusive Lenworth product features, more stringent standards, and an overall level of performance that is pushing the entire industry to be better.


Enhanced Product Quality

Product quality of the Platinum Series product line is enhanced significantly, allowing for a substantially lower overall cost of ownership. Thicker vinyl, stronger construction and higher gauge metals mean outstanding durability.


Unique & Exclusive Products & Features

In collaboration with trusted partners and manufacturers in the industry, we have developed Lenworth exclusive products that possess features and standards that just don’t exist on the open market.


Specialized High-Use & Abuse Products

For facilities with high volumes or especially rigorous conditions, the status quo just doesn’t cut it. Improved technology, raw material quality and accessories all contribute to a set of products that hold up to extreme conditions and ensure no down time.


An All Inclusive Pack of Features

When you go with the full suite of Lenworth Platinum Products, we are able to offer a warranty that is absolutely unparalleled in the industry, once again showing our commitment to a higher overall standard of work industry-wide.

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