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Running a loading dock smoothly requires striking a balance between speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. But achieving this balance is easier said than done.

When a loading dock is running like a well-oiled machine, there is a marked boost in productivity. Injuries and downtime can cost countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Lenworth Premium Series products and services are the ideal way to improve workplace conditions, minimize workplace hazards, decrease downtime, and increase productivity. For more than 15 years, Lenworth has challenged the industrial improvement industry to operate with a higher standard of quality.

The announcement of the Lenworth Premium Series product line marks an exciting new benchmark for the industry as a whole. The Lenworth Premium Series is a line of products with exclusive Lenworth products that boast more stringent standards and an overall level of performance that is pushing the entire industry to a new standard.

What is the Lenworth Premium Series?

Enhanced Product Quality

The Premium Series product line, with its significantly improved overall product quality, enables a sizable reduction in the total cost of ownership. Vinyl that is sturdier, construction that is more robust, and metals that are more resilient all contribute to increased durability.

Unique & Exclusive Products & Features

We have developed exclusive Lenworth products in close collaboration with reputable partners and manufacturers in the sector, and these products possess features and standards that simply aren’t available anywhere else on the market.

Specialized High-Use & Abuse Products

The current state of affairs is insufficient for facilities with high volume or particularly demanding conditions. Improved technology, raw material quality, and accessories all contribute to a product line that can withstand extreme conditions and guarantee zero downtime.

An All-Inclusive Pack of Features

When you acquire the complete line of Lenworth Premium Products, we can provide you with a warranty that is absolutely unrivaled in the industry. This once again demonstrates our dedication to raising the general level of craftsmanship across the board in the construction industry.

What Lenworth Premium Series Products Are Available?

Versa Light Halogen Bulb

Our newest solution in lighting offers high-performance Versa Light Halogen Bulbs, for bright, white, lighting. Installations include built-in fans to cool the bulbs and allow for custom positioning. With efficient and durable Versa Lights Halogen Bulbs, you can save time and money by reducing bulb changes with a complete dock light replacement.

TELESCOPING-LIP™ Levelers from Nordock

We have partnered with Nordock to offer the ultimate solution in dock levelers. TELESCOPING-LIP™ Levelers are the best in the industry when it comes to solving common end-loading issues.

TELESCOPING-LIP™ Levelers take the place of traditional leveler lips to accommodate cubed-out trailers without sacrifice or damage to products.

Lenworth Premium Series Steel Faced Bumpers

With the strongest form of loading dock impact protection, you can protect against long-term damage to concrete, equipment, and building walls at your facility’s loading dock. Lenworth Steel Face Bumpers are engineered to provide superior protection using a solid steel front plate with the ability to absorb the shock of trailers being backed into them.

Lenworth High-Speed Doors

We are proud to be at the forefront of quality, support, and installation of all makes and models of high-speed overhead doors. Not only are they self-repairing and quiet, but they offer superior safety and cost savings with the tightest seal in the industry. Lenworth can service any high-speed door option anywhere across the country. Learn more about Lenworth High-Speed Overhead Doors here.

this is a photograph of a high speed overhead door in a warehouse

The Level of Service You Can Expect

Lenworth has highly trained specialists that will work with your facility managers at every stage of the process, from planning and consideration to purchasing and installation. We will continue to support facilities through our Lenworths Preferred Service Program to offer unmatched continued support. We stand behind our products and our partnerships, working tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the most out of their transition to these new products.

Discover the Difference with Lenworth

At Lenworth, we pride ourselves on doing one job right, every time. With our unparalleled quality of service, speed, and support, we are poised to meet your needs anywhere you are located. Maintaining our mission, we aim to reduce your service costs, improve safety to meet compliance needs, increase the reliability of equipment, and provide the best ongoing support. For any questions about what Lenworth can do for you, here is a good place to start.

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