4 Steps for Reducing Loading Dock & Overhead Door Spend Long-Term



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Ideally a facility should be productive, energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe. Successful businesses build a strong reputation by prioritizing the quality of their facility and their equipment. In order to save time, money, and energy long-term it is important to select the highest of quality in terms of both products and services. Discover four key steps to ensure your facility remains cost-effective long-term.


1. Choose a high-speed door.

Compared to standard overhead doors, high-speed doors can operate at up to 96″ per second, are built from direct-drive motors that require little maintenance, and are self-repairing upon impact. A high-speed overhead door improves facility efficiency and reduces air leakage. The reduction in air leakage lessens heating and cooling costs long-term.

Additionally, the self-repairing feature of the doors and direct-drive motor, reduce your overall operating cost and downtime. These great features not only help spend on your facility long-term but help reduce your carbon footprint.


2. Invest upfront.

Investing in a quality door up front can reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs. High-speed doors are designed and engineered with an effortless break away feature that allow the door to sustain minimal damage when struck by forklifts or other machinery. When impacted, you can simply reset them (without placing a service call) and get the door operational within seconds.

Investing in smart engineering can also provide extensive benefits. Motion sensors or induction loops can automate the entire opening process without slowing down operation. These activation devices double as a safety feature by preventing anything from obstructing the opening of an overhead door.

Low-quality dock doors can reduce operational efficiency and cost you not only money, but time. Investing in an overhead door with a high price tag appears more costly up front, but ends up saving you and your facility more money.



3. Pick an experienced manufacturer.

Do your research. The high-speed overhead door market has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. This has led to a greater availability, an increase in quality, and better performance from manufacturers. Before installing a new dock door, find out who the manufacturer is and how they compare to others in the market.

At Lenworth, we take a consultative approach and consider a facility’s location, size, temperature controls, and cycle frequency. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area we have found that Dynaco High-Speed Doors and Super Seal High Speed Doors are among the best providers of high-quality and well-performing high-speed doors. If you are unsure about choosing the right door or manufacturer for your facility, book a consultation for professional advice.


4. Join a Preferred Service Program.

Joining a program with your overhead door provider can grant you cost-saving benefits. The Lenworth Preferred Service Program (PSP) is a preventative maintenance service. This program helps prevent losses from downtime and injuries that can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. A maintenance program ensures that your facility is operating at its maximum efficiency. The program also keeps equipment reliable, up-to-date, and most importantly – safe.  A few of the benefits include:

-Reduced service costs
-Increased reliability of equipment
-Improved response time
-Maximized productivity
-Compliance with safety regulations


Save time. Save money.

Your facility is important. Investing in high-quality products and services will provide you with greater efficiency and cost reduction long-term. We’re proud to offer sales, services, and maintenance on all types of high-speed doors that operate quickly, seamlessly, and with minimal maintenance.


If you are interested in saving spend in your facility long-term contact us for a free consultation today.


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