4 Reasons to Choose Lenworth Hydraulic Dock Levelers


Lenworth Hydraulic Dock Levelers

No matter the needs of facility managers, Lenworth is proud to offer high-quality products that make loading dock areas safer and more efficient. Our line of hydraulic and mechanical Dock Levelers provide consistent, balanced support and stability that employees and facility managers can count on year after year. And while both types of dock levelers are manufactured in the GTA according to the highest standards, Hydraulic Dock Levelers offer unique technological advantages that make them a highly safe and convenient option for loading bays. Read on to learn about three key reasons to choose hydraulic dock levelers from Lenworth.

What is the Difference Between Mechanical and Hydraulic Dock Levelers?

No matter the weight, volume or quantity associated loading and unloading procedures, employees should always feel confident in a seamless, supported connection between the loading dock and the truck. Dock levelers act as a bridge between the truck and the bay, all the while ensuring that the loading and unloading process is smooth and safe. And while both mechanical and hydraulic levelers work to provide the necessary support, there is one key difference between the two:

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical models operate by means of a release chain. Once the chain has been pulled, the main lift springs are engaged. The deck will then rise up and extended into its locked position. From there, the operator simply “walks” the deck down into place in order for the loading or unloading to begin.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Instead of the manual action, hydraulic dock levelers operate by means of a single push-button control.

1. Hydraulic Dock Levelers Are Easier to Use

The most significant difference between mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers is ease of use. Whereas mechanical models require multiple steps of manual action, hydraulic dock levelers operate with the push of a single button. Once engaged, the hydraulic dock leveler will begin an automatic sequence where the deck and lip fall into place with consistent precision. For those facility managers looking for hi-tech speed, accuracy and convenience, hydraulic models simply cannot be beaten. The design is both easy to use and ergonomic, benefiting the facility manager and workers. This seamless technology allows for faster cycle times and promotes a higher level of efficiency in the facility.

2. Hydraulic Dock Levelers Require Less Maintenance

A Lenworth hydraulic dock leveler requires less maintenance than a mechanical leveler as it consists of only three main parts: the power pack, the deck cylinder, and the lip cylinder. Consequently, these components require little maintenance and can withstand high-cycle use. A mechanical leveler uses small moving parts that must withstand thousands of pounds of weight and pressure on a regular basis. These parts need to be maintained or replaced throughout the year.

3. Hydraulic Models Offer Intuitive, State-of-the-Art Safety Features

Due to the hi-tech functionality of hydraulic levelers, they possess certain safety features that make them the ideal choice for high-volume facilities. Lenworth sells hydraulic dock levelers with a unique deck-flex advantage. This feature allows the deck to flex up to 4” (101mm) when under load to ensure consistent, full-width contact between the lip and the truck bed. In the event of a hydraulic line rupture or an early truck departure, the unit’s intelligent touch controls use a velocity fuse built into the cylinder of the dock leveler to limit the free fall of a loaded platform. This level of support and safety is critical for employee wellbeing during loading and unloading procedures.

4. Lenworth Hydraulic Levelers Come Standard With Great Features and an Excellent Warranty

Lenworth takes pride in carrying high-quality hydraulic and mechanical dock leveler products. We’re proud to offer sales, service, maintenance and more on all types of loading dock levelers in GTA. With our hydraulic levelers, you get:

  1. Industry-leading strength ratio with high tensile steel
  2. Assured motion float for full-width contact
  3. A product that has been locally manufactured in the GTA
  4. Load support rated for 80,000 lbs
  5. And a 12-year structural warranty

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