4 Reasons to Choose Hydraulic Dock Levelers


Your employees should always feel confident at their loading dock – no matter the weight, volume or quantity of their load. To ensure the best possible loading process, your facility needs a quality dock leveler. Dock levelers bridge the truck and the bay together, giving workers a smooth and safe workspace. Compared to other models,  hydraulic dock levelers specifically offer unique technological advantages that make them the safest and most efficient option on the market.

Wondering how? Keep reading to learn four reasons why you should choose hydraulic dock levelers. But first, let’s review the most common types of dock levelers. 

What is the Difference Between Mechanical and Hydraulic Dock Levelers?

While there are a few different types of loading dock levellers, the most common two are mechanical and hydraulic.  And while both mechanical and hydraulic levelers can provide the support needed, there is one key difference between the two:

hydraulic dock levelers

With hydraulic, all you have to do is press 1 single button. With mechanical, there are a few more steps involved. 

Now let’s dive into the reasons why hydraulic dock levelers are better.

4 Reasons to Choose Hydraulic Dock Levelers

1. Hydraulic Dock Levelers Are Easier to Use

If you’re looking for hi-tech speed, accuracy and convenience, hydraulic models simply can’t be beat. 

After pressing the button, a hydraulic dock leveler will begin an automatic sequence where the deck and lip fall into place. Every time it’s used, this process will take place with consistent precision.

This seamless technology allows for faster cycle times and promotes a higher level of efficiency in the facility, benefiting both you and your workers. 

2. Hydraulic Dock Levelers Require Less Maintenance

A hydraulic dock leveler only consists of three main parts: 

  1. The power pack
  2. The deck cylinder
  3. The lip cylinder

These few parts require little maintenance and can withstand high-cycle use.

On the other hand, a  mechanical leveler is made up of many smaller moving parts. With more parts, more maintenance or replacement is required. 

3. Hydraulic Models Offer State-of-the-Art Features

Hydraulic levelers are far more technologically advanced. With improvement and  innovation at the forefront of their design, hydraulic models have much more robust safety features – a crucial criteria for a  high-volume facility.

NORDOCK® Hydraulic Dock Levellers are known throughout our industry for their unsurpassed quality and superior automation systems. Discover our top two NORDOCK dock leveler product recommendations below:

Product Spotlight: 

1) The NORDOCK® BARRIER™ Hydraulic Dock Leveler 

Features & Benefits:

– STAY-PUT™ Barrier Lip Prevents Accidental Forklift Fall Off in a Stored Position

– Lip Withstands 10,000 Lb. Forklift Impact at 4 MPH

– Exclusive Lip Lug and Header Plate Design for Maximum Strength (20-Year Warranty)

– Heavy-Duty Cylinders with Non-Adjustable Velocity Fuse

– Continuous Fixed Rear Hinge Provides Easy Transfer & Eliminates Pinch, Trip or Impact Point (20-Year Warranty)

– Dual Side 33% Beam to Deck Weld Pattern

– Six Solid Steel Rear Frame Supports

– Self-Cleaning Lip Hinge

– Open Frame Design for Easy Pit Cleaning

– Independent Deck and Lip Maintenance Supports with Lock Out Tag Out Capability

– Full Operating Range Telescoping Side Guards

– Zinc Coated Hinge Rods

– Dust Tight Control Panel Enclosure with Operator Instructions on Cover

– High Tensile Lip and Deck Safety Tread Plate

– Two Laminated Dock Bumpers Included

Learn more here


Features & Benefits:

– Patented, Proven, FLEX-LIP® Technology

– Patented Self-Cleaning Open Lug Front Hinge and Header Plate

– Patent Pending AUTO-DESCENT LIP™ Extension

– Heavy-Duty Lift and Lip Cylinders with Non-Adjustable Velocity Fuse

– Easy Transfer Full Width Fixed Rear Hinge

– Zinc Plated Front & Rear Hinge Rods

– Easy Clean Frame

– Security Night Locks

– Additional Center Deck Support

– Separate Deck and Lip Maintenance Supports

– Deck & Lip Constructed from 55,000 PSI Tread Plate

– Dual Side 33% Beam to Deck Front to Rear Weld Pattern

– Beams and Lugs Continuously Welded to Header Plate

– Velocity Fuse on Lift Cylinder

– Full Range Telescoping Toe Guards

– Superior Warranty

Learn more here

4. Lenworth Hydraulic Levelers Come Standard With Great Features and an Excellent Warranty

Here at Lenworth, we take pride in only carrying high-quality dock leveler products. We’re proud to offer sales, service, maintenance and more on all types of loading dock levelers across Canada. 

With our hydraulic levelers, you get:

  1. Industry-leading strength ratio with high tensile steel
  2. Assured motion float for full-width contact
  3. A product that has been locally manufactured in the Toronto, Canada
  4. Load support rated for 80,000 lbs
  5. And a 12-year structural warranty

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A high-quality hydraulic dock leveler will make your facility safer and more efficient. Get consistent, balanced support and stability that you and your employees can count on year after year. 


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