Why Dock Wedge Combo Shelters Are Ideal For Loading Docks During Winter


Help winter-proof your loading dock doors with Dock Wedge Combo Shelters

The winter months present unique challenges for industrial facilities. Frigid temperatures, freezing rain, and blowing, drifting snow can drive up energy costs, affect equipment operation and create uncomfortable, sometimes hazardous conditions for employees. Among the different areas of a facility, the loading dock — a high-traffic area with regular exposure to the elements, is one that requires careful assessment and thorough winter preparation. One key step in this preparation is ensuring that dock doors stay sealed against the elements during loading and unloading procedures. Dock Wedge Combo Shelters present an excellent solution to this problem. 

With years of experience helping facilities effectively address operational challenges and our strong commitment to doing things right, Lenworth is proud to be a top choice for industrial facilities across Canada. Read on to learn more about Dock Wedge Combo Shelters and how Lenworth helps facilities retrofit key areas to stay operationally efficient year-round. 

1. Dock Wedge Combo Shelters deliver improved personnel and equipment protection 

During the winter, employee safety and equipment should be top priorities for facility managers everywhere. For loading dock employees, extreme winter weather conditions can make these high-traffic areas hazardous and uncomfortable, especially if the elements can infiltrate the facility during loading and unloading procedures. To avoid cold, wet, slippery conditions, and to protect against heat loss, facility managers can install Dock Wedge Combo Shelters. 

Lenworth’s Dock Wedge Combo Shelters are engineered to cover the gap between the dock wall and the delivery trucks or trailers, fully sealing the passage from truck to facility. With door openings up to 10’-0” W x 11’-2” H, Dock Wedge Combo Shelters allow complete and unobstructed access to the full width and height of the trailer interior while providing outstanding weather protection. To further fortify your dock defence, the product also includes a “Teardrop” rain deflector header that comes with full 66oz vinyl flaps to wick rain, snow and ice. Depending on the trailer serviced, the rain deflector has a 26” or 36” drop to better accommodate the vehicle. 

dock wedge combo shelters

2. Dock Wedge Combo Shelters can help facilities avoid energy waste during the winter

Poorly-sealed docks are major contributors to increased energy waste and high heating bills during periods of colder weather. As loading dock doors must remain open during loading and unloading procedures, the need for an airtight seal between the trailer and the dock becomes imperative. This can be effectively addressed by installing a Dock Wedge Combo Shelter. With extended projection designed to ensure an adequate seal around both highway and tailgate trailers, the DW series can help deliver meaningful energy savings. In addition, the “Supersnug” hooks on inward panels to help seal trailer door hinge openings, preventing often-overlooked air transfer through these gaps. These features allow a facility to better control and maintain its internal environment. As a result, this leads to better energy conservation and more accommodating working conditions. 

3. Dock Wedge Combo Shelters are cost-effective and low-maintenance

Maintenance is a vital part of making sure equipment performs at a high level over the long term. However, this can amount to a costly expense if your machinery requires routine servicing and preventative maintenance. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance product that can stand the test of time while delivering effective results, Lenworth’s Dock Wedge Combo Shelters are an excellent solution. The product features velcro inward panels that are easily removable, fully replaceable and highly cost-effective. The Phantom draft pads provide an additional seal on top of the dock bumper to avoid sudden shock, while the resilient foam pads deliver maximum sealing effectiveness and longer product life. 

Lenworth is committed to doing things right and delivering best-in-class facility services

Apart from having the right equipment installed, working with a proper service provider can help facilities stay productive, avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain a high level of operation. As an industry leader, Lenworth rests on a strong set of company values: hard work, trust, and passion. Our highly-trained specialists will work with facility managers at every stage of the process, from planning and consideration to purchasing and installation. However, no situation is the same and the facilities we service come with unique challenges. That’s why we offer a diverse range of products and services to help our customers address their urgent and essential facility maintenance needs. 

  • Industrial and Commercial Facility Repairs
  • Installations
  • Industrial & Commercial Upgrades & Retrofits
  • Commercial Electrical Services

Lenworth also offers the Preferred Service Program (PSP) a membership program that helps facility managers ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency, regardless of the seasonal challenges. The program’s main goal is to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity in a professional and timely manner. PSP members can take advantage of: 

  • Exclusive discounts on parts
  • Routine facility inspections
  • A maximum 4-hour response time
  • Fixed labour costs for one year

We offer expert solutions to help your facility operate with excellence all year round 

At Lenworth, we believe in providing our customers and clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. This means providing the best-performing products, ensuring quick and reliable services, reduced costs and effective compliance with current health & safety regulations. If you want to learn more about our selection of high-quality Dock Wedge Combo Shelters, our PSP or our services in general, contact one of our representatives today! In order for us to better accommodate you during this time, call ahead to book a showroom visit with one of our representatives and see our lineup of high-quality products including Dock Levelers (Hydraulic and Mechanical), Seals and Shelters, High Speed Doors, HVLS Fans, Truck Restraints, Aftermarket Accessories and more for yourself. 




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