Spring Cleaning In Your Facility: Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Equipment


Don’t wait for employees to be put at risk before checking on facility equipment. Preventative maintenance services mitigate facility risk by ensuring equipment is safe and reliable. In the past, the importance of devoting resources to life cycle operation and maintenance concerns was not as highly valued. Facility managers now realize that maintaining equipment and facility operational costs represents the greatest expense in a facility over its life cycle.

What is the goal of preventative maintenance services?

The goal is to efficiently support the life cycle of the facility by eliminating unplanned shutdowns and realizing long-term savings that can be gained as a result. Most importantly, maintaining equipment can keep employees safe and keep operations efficient.

What you need to know about troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting involves the system-level identification of equipment problems and solutions. This process should involve a step-by-step isolation of a system problem to identify faulty equipment. Malfunctions, tests, or inspections and corrective recommendations are integral to the troubleshooting process.

What you need to know about preventative maintenance.

Preventive and corrective maintenance is often arranged in scheduled intervals (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc), depending on the equipment being assessed. Assigning planned maintenance can maximize the systems’ run time, thereby reducing corrective maintenance tasks over time.

The benefits of a preventative maintenance program.

Preventative maintenance programs are offered to facility managers as a way to maintain facility equipment that is safe and reliable. These programs work to provide:

• Reduced service costs
• Increased reliability of equipment
• Improved response time
• Maximized productivity
• Ensured compliance with safety regulations

Guarding against losses with a preventative maintenance program.

Equipment that has not been maintained can become a safety concern and result in a number of losses for the facility manager. Participating in a preventative maintenance program can protect against losses including:

• Loss from injured employees
• Loss from damaged product
• Loss from preventable equipment repairs
• Loss from missed delivery times
• Non-compliance with labour requirements

The Lenworth Preferred Service Program (PSP)

Lenworth offers a preventative maintenance program called The Lenworth Preferred Service Program (PSP). The PSP provides regular maintenance on equipment to lessen the likelihood of it breaking down. Joining the PSP is less costly than scheduling maintenance independently because of the PSP’s promise to provide discounts on all parts and by including a one year fixed labour cost. The PSP is significantly more efficient as a result of the 4-hour maximum response time and routine facility inspections.

Programs such as the PSP schedule maintenance to ultimately cut repair costs, ensure safety, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity.

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