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Facilities and workplaces everywhere are grappling with a new normal. And while employee safety, operational efficiency and equipment functionality are always a priority, facility managers now face pressure to ensure things run as smoothly and safely as possible under extraordinary circumstances. In light of these new challenges, it’s essential to work with a facility improvement partner that will provide unparalleled service and support when and where it’s needed. Read on to learn why Lenworth is the best choice for urgent and essential facility maintenance.

We are prepared & uniquely suited to help out in this unprecedented situation

In addition to our strict internal adherence to Canadian Public Health guidelines, our professionalism, preparedness and commitment to efficiency make us the ideal partner during this crisis. Regardless of the situation, our technicians arrive prepared at every job they are called to. Our unparalleled truck stock of parts and equipment results in an industry-leading 84% one-call completion rate. Additionally, our large warehouse is fully-stocked with a comprehensive inventory of fast-moving parts, replacement sections and equipment. This means we have everything you need on-hand to ensure reduced downtime.

Lenworth can guarantee faster, more personalized urgent and essential facility maintenance

Now more than ever, it’s essential for facilities to avoid unforeseen downtime. Unscheduled periods of downtime can put facilities behind, affecting the needs of customers and stakeholders. This is why preventative maintenance and prompt, professional emergency services are so important. With our Preferred Service Program, we can guarantee that our customers receive the best, most timely service possible.

The PSP is an exclusive program that facility managers can join to ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency – with safe and reliable facility equipment. It’s a preventative maintenance service that mitigates facility risk, prevents accidents and boosts productivity. There are a number of tangible items that our Preferred Service Program customers can take advantage of when they choose to join the program in this challenging climate. These include:

  1. Exclusive discounts on parts
  2. A guaranteed 4-hour response time
  3. Guaranteed labour rate for one year

To learn more about what to expect from a PSP inspection, click here.

Our knowledgeable technicians provide numerous products and services

Lenworth rests on a strong set of company values: hard work, trust, and passion. From the sales team to the service team, we select every employee for their ability to turn hard work into great results. However, no situation is the same and the facilities we service come with unique challenges. That’s why we offer a diverse range of products and services to help our customers with urgent and essential facility maintenance.

Industrial and Commercial Facility Repairs

We offer full-service and high-quality repairs from our accredited and trained technicians. We repair all-types of loading docks, commercial doors, and other facility breakdowns.


We offer installation service on all types of overhead doors and loading docks. Our technicians are also able to install other facility requirements such as fan and gate systems.

Industrial & Commercial Upgrades & Retrofits

We are able to convert existing doors, loading docks and more. We work to provide our customers with fast and efficient solutions that have an immediate impact when they need it most. 

Commercial Electrical Services

High-quality and certified electrical services. We can provide electrical connection for any type of dock or doors; urgent service upgrades, repairs or modifications to any existing facility.

Find out more about Lenworth’s commitment to doing things right, no matter what.

Don’t settle for sub-par, delayed services in this challenging time. Lenworth believes in providing our customers and clients with the best, most complete preventative maintenance services possible no matter the situation. This means ensuring reduced service costs, increased reliability of equipment, improved response time, better productivity and more effective compliance with current health & safety regulations. If you have more questions about our PSP or our products and services in general, contact one of our representatives today.

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