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Commercial and industrial facilities can be hectic, dynamic places. As a result, there is always a risk that operational accidents and mechanical breakdowns can occur. Those who manage facilities are acutely aware of how these things can affect employee safety and negatively influence productivity. Unscheduled periods of downtime can put facilities behind, affecting customer and stakeholder satisfaction. This is why the idea of preventative maintenance is so important. Preventative maintenance concerns servicing facility equipment regularly to ensure proper functionality and no breakdowns. Read on to learn how Lenworth’s Preferred Service Program (PSP) provides our customers with the best preventative maintenance services.

What is Lenworth’s Preferred Service Program?

Lenworth’s Preferred Service Program (PSP) is a membership program that facility managers can join in to ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency. We also help facility managers maintain safe and reliable equipment. It was designed as a preventative maintenance service meant to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity. There are a number of tangible items that our Preferred Service Customers can take advantage of when they choose to join the program. These include:

  • Exclusive discounts on parts
  • Routine facility inspections
  • A maximum 4-hour response time
  • Fixed labour costs for one year

How Can Facilities Benefit From The Preferred Service Program?

The type of comprehensive preventative maintenance measures taken in a routine PSP inspection can be a major help to all sorts of facilities. As we have discussed, downtime, accidents and injuries can cost a company thousands of dollars an hour and hundreds of thousands annually. Faulty equipment can also have a decidedly negative impact on efficiency and productivity. As much as any growing or established business should prioritize efficiency and productivity, creating a consistently safe environment should be the single biggest concern in dynamic, fast-paced workplaces.

Lenworth’s Preferred Service Program can help with both of these fundamental components of your facility. It works to prevent:

  • Loss from injured employees
  • Downtime stemming from damaged product
  • Preventable equipment malfunctions
  • Loss from missed delivery times
  • Non-compliance with Ontario Labour requirements

What Should Facilities Expect From These Inspections?

If you’re a part of Lenworth’s PSP inspection and you experience a problem or a concern in your facility, you can call Lenworth and expect a response in less than four hour’s time. A qualified professional from Lenworth’s team will arrange a time that is best suited for you and your facility. Based on the initial meeting and tour of your facility, our qualified representative will already have basic knowledge about your facility, equipment, and needs.

A Lenworth representative will then meticulously survey equipment and provide preventative repairs if necessary.  We will provide any and all parts that need to be replaced or tuned up at a discounted price. We charge labour costs at a reduced rate, regardless of what needs to be done in terms of repairs. Facility managers are aware of all of these costs ahead of time.

The PSP inspection is not just there for unexpected service calls. Representatives will be in your facility for routine checks throughout the calendar year to ensure your equipment is consistently reliable, safe and performing efficiently. We provide all these services at a reduced cost when compared to standard rates.

Discover the Difference With Lenworth

At Lenworth, we are committed to doing things right, every time. In this spirit of this commitment, we believe providing our customers and clients with the best and most complete preventative maintenance services possible. On our end, this means ensuring reduced service costs, increased reliability of equipment, improved response time, better productivity and more effective compliance with proper safety regulations. If you have more questions about the PSP, or you would like to learn more about how Lenworth can improve your facility, book a free consultation today.


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