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We’ve toured hundreds of thousands of square feet of industrial and commercial space across the country, helping our clients to understand how they can run more safely and efficiently. While many Facility Managers are well informed about reducing the inflow and outflow of air from their buildings using things like high-speed overhead doors and loading dock seals, very few look to the better utilization of the air inside their buildings as a potential source of energy savings.

This is why we’re so excited about HVLS (High-Volume Low-Speed) Fans and the potential energy savings they can bring to industrial and commercial facilities around the world.

What are HVLS Fans?

Very simply, HVLS Fans are very large fans that spin slowly to help more effectively distribute the air throughout a facility. Unfortunately, because these fans are fairly new to the market, very few facilities are using them and these facilities are either still bound to the energy-sucking high speed fans that were originally designed to be used for houses, or have no air circulation solution at all.

How do HVLS Fans work?

Without a proper fan or circulation system,  the air in large spaces becomes stratified, meaning that there are different layers of temperature at different heights inside the building. Because heat rises, often the top layer of air in a building (that being the area closest to the ceiling) is the warmest even though it doesn’t necessarily need to be heated. For Facility Managers, this means paying to heat the part of the building where no one is working, and (unless climate controlled) doesn’t need to be heated at all.

Where HVLS fans come into play is in eliminating that stratification. By better circulating the air inside of the building, you can more effectively circulate the hot air hanging at the top of the building with the cooler air closer to the ground. As a result, you end up with a building that is a much more comfortable temperature at all levels, without incurring any incremental heating or cooling costs.

Why Bigger Blades and Slower Rotation?

Some of the more common questions we get regarding HVLS fans are “Why does it need to be so big?” and “Why does it spin so slow?” There are very valuable answers to both.

The bigger the fan, the fewer the oscillations. Every rotation of a fan’s blades can cost you money since it needs more power to do the same amount of work as a larger bladed one. HVLS fan models use airfoil blades, which are lighter and aerodynamically designed to split the air. The efficient design consumes the same amount of energy as a regular, high-speed fan and moves over 12 times the amount of air.

Businesses are trending towards greener pastures – literally. Environmentally conscious companies are lowering their carbon footprint to accelerate change towards sustainability. There are instances where natural gas providers offer rebates for companies using HVLS fans as an incentive to being eco-friendly. Installing HVLS fans can enhance your public image by showing you care for the environment and may even earn green LEED certification.

HVLS Fans Help Beyond Just Saving Energy

Shouting over the noise of countless spinning fans is annoying and dangerous. Poor communication between co-workers leads to mistakes and ends in accidents. We are major proponents of the only gearless motor HVLS fan on the market. Its fewer mechanical parts reduce the sound signature, helping to eliminate the risk of poor communication and addressing the annoying humming that is often complained about with regular fans.

Start saving today

The best way to take the guesswork out of what HVLS model works with your business is consulting with a professional to assess your company needs. Lenworth has a certified and accredited team that can provide direction and properly install and demonstrate the operation of all the products you require. Get a free quote today to see if your company can benefit from our great line of HVLS fans.

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