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From upcoming seasonal improvements to optimizing general facility safety, efficiency and productivity, facility managers should feel confident in their ability to access excellent products and a trusted service team in case of urgent needs. With years of experience in facility repairs to equipment upgrades, Lenworth is proud to be a trusted partner that’s committed to doing things right for industrial facilities across Canada.

From providing high-performing equipment, sufficient maintenance and expert consultation, explore Lenworth’s best-in-class lineup of products and services that are available to help your facility operate with excellence. 

1. Our trained and experienced technicians provide a variety of services 

The right maintenance and service provider can help facilities stay productive, avoid unnecessary downtime and operate at a high level for longer periods of time. 

As an industry leader, we’re committed to doing things right and adhering to values like hard work, trust and passion when servicing our clients. After years of working with clients across a variety of industries, we understand that every facility faces its own unique challenges and requires specific solutions. That’s why we offer a diverse range of facility repairs and equipment upgrades to help our customers address their facilities’ maintenance needs. 

Industrial and Commercial Facility Repairs

We offer full-service and high-quality repairs from accredited and trained technicians for all-types of loading docks, commercial doors, and other facility breakdowns to keep things running smoothly. 


A proper initial installation is a long-term investment and plays a huge role in the performance of essential equipment. Contact us if you’re in need of comprehensive, professional installation services for all types of overhead doors, loading docks, fans and gate systems.

Industrial & Commercial Upgrades & Retrofits

Oftentimes, a simple upgrade or retrofit is what it takes to boost the efficiency and performance of a facility. We are able to convert existing doors and loading dock equipment for better performance. 

Commercial Electrical Services

High-quality and certified electrical services are crucial to safe and sufficient operation. We can ensure the proper electrical connections for any type of dock or doors. We also offer urgent service upgrades, repairs or modifications to any existing facility.


2. We offer high-quality equipment that will lead to a safer, more productive work environment 

Outdated, ineffective machinery and infrastructure can result in dangerous working conditions, reduced productivity and avoidable downtime. Apart from facility repairs and equipment upgrades, and investment in quality products can lead to enhanced safety standards, better working conditions and a boost in productivity. Lenworth carries a wide range of loading docks, overhead doors and other facility equipment that will allow facilities to perform at a higher level. 

High-Speed Doors 

For facilities operating in industries like food processing and handling, pharmaceuticals, clean room, cold storage, and distribution centres, tight seals, safety, sanitation and high cycle speeds are essential to achieving operational excellence. Lenworth offers a lineup of high-efficiency interior High-Speed Doors that come with a number of advantages for speed, safety and environmental control. 

Lenworth also carries High-Performance High-Speed Doors that are ideal for exterior applications around loading docks. These heavy-duty doors reduce cycle times and hold up against extreme weather conditions to better protect employees and create more productive workplace conditions. 


Standard Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors: Our lineup of Sectional Overhead Doors are specifically designed for both commercial and industrial applications. They are highly durable, thermally efficient and designed to meet industry standards when it comes to wind load. With many models, features and options to choose from, we’ll ensure you end up with a sectional door that fits the needs of your facility.

Bug Screen Doors: Perfect for loading bays, warehouses and distribution centres, our Bug Screen Door creates cool, comfortable conditions and helps facilities save on energy costs. With an innovative modular design, extruded aluminum wind bars and an integrated breakaway bar, these Bug Screen Doors are efficient and extremely durable.


Truck Restraints

Without the right equipment and safety standards, loading docks can quickly become one of the most hazardous areas in a facility. These dynamic, high-traffic areas create the potential for accidents such as: 

Early Departure: This occurs when a truck driver unexpectedly leaves the loading dock area before loading or unloading operations are complete.

Trailer Creep: When a truck slowly moves away from the edge of a loading dock, leaving a dangerous gap. Workers can easily fall through this gap during operations and pin themselves between the dock and the trailer.

Truck Pop-ups & Upendings: Pop-ups occur when the forklift’s weight concentrates at the back of a trailer, causing the nose to rise. Conversely, a trailer upends when the weight of a forklift is concentrated at the front. This causes the rear of the trailer to rise away from the loading dock.

Landing Gear Collapse: This occurs in situations when a truck trailer is only supported by its landing gears while it’s being loaded or unloaded. It can easily happen when a trailer’s landing gears have been weakened by age, repeated use or unseen damage.

Prevent these common loading accidents in your facility with reliable truck restraints. These mechanisms are able to guarantee a stable, secure connection between a truck and the facility’s dock leveller. 



HVLS Fans are large ceiling fans that move large quantities of air at lower speeds. The low speed ensures whisper-quiet operation, even as these fans distribute and circulate airflow in large spaces. HVLS fans will help facilities of any size save money on heating and cooling costs. By working in tandem with HVAC systems, HVLS fans help facilities use their energy more efficiently while not sacrificing performance.

During the winter months, these systems help facilities properly destratify warm air generated by HVAC systems. This destratification process involves redistributing warm air trapped at the ceiling down to the floor level. These large fans work with HVAC systems, supplementing and effectively moving the air they generate to help facilitate heat savings of up to 30%.


Air Curtains

An Air Curtain creates a stream of air that covers the entire width and length of a door opening, effectively preventing the flow of unconditioned air into a conditioned area and of warmer air into cold storage areas. Air Curtains also help to repel insects, dust and debris while creating more comfortable working conditions for employees. Regardless of the desired operational usage, the door type or the dimensions of the opening, Lenworth offers Air Curtain models, installations and servicing to ensure you get the performance you need for as long as you need it. We carry Air Curtains that are ideal for both cold storage/freezer applications as well as overhead door applications. 

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

No matter the weight, volume or quantity associated with loading and unloading procedures, employees should always feel confident in a seamless, supported connection between the loading dock and the truck. Dock levelers act as a bridge between the truck and the bay while ensuring that the loading and unloading process is smooth and safe. This is especially important when exterior weather conditions compromise safety and productivity in the loading dock area. 



3. Our Preferred Service Program (PSP) means faster, more personalized essential facility maintenance services 

Apart from facility repairs and equipment upgrades, preventative maintenance plays an important role in any successful operation. Preventative maintenance means regularly servicing facility equipment to ensure proper functionality and no disruptive breakdowns. In addition to providing our clients with quality products, Lenworth also offers our Preferred Service Program (PSP) a membership program that helps facility managers ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency, regardless of the time of year. The program’s main goal is to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity in a professional and timely manner. PSP members can take advantage of: 

  • Exclusive discounts on parts
  • Routine facility inspections
  • A maximum 4-hour response time
  • Fixed labour costs for one year

We offer solutions to help your facility perform at a higher level

At Lenworth, we believe in providing our customers and clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. This means ensuring quick and reliable services, reduced costs, increased quality of equipment, more productivity and effective compliance with current health & safety regulations. If you have more questions about our extensive selection of high-quality equipment, our PSP or our services in general, contact one of our representatives today! 



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