HVLS Fans: How to Keep Your Facility Cool and Comfortable this Summer


AirVolution Model 780

What are HVLS Fans?

An HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan that moves a high volume of air at a low speed. The low speed ensures that circulating air is moved in a gentle manner rather than a loud or disruptive wind. The high volume of air effectively distributes airflow over a large area.

Why Keeping the Temperature Comfortable Matters.

In the summer, hot temperatures can decrease productivity and increase errors. When employees don’t feel comfortable in their place of work their output goes down. Maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature in the summer enhances employee well-being and operational efficiency.

What Temperature Should Your Facility Be?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) a facility that is comfortable for employees and products should range between the temperature from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Much Can an HVLS Fan Decrease Facility Temperature?

In the summer, HVLS fans create a cooling breeze by circulating air in a facility. An effective HVLS fan is capable of cooling a building by as much as 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which HVLS Fan Should I Use?

The AirVolution fans are the most popular choice when it comes to the HVLS selection. These fans are quiet, comfortable, and deliver measurable cost savings. One AirVolution fan is able to replace the equivalent of 10 conventional high-speed fans.

AirVolution is also known for being incredibly safe. These HVLS fans are used in warehouse facilities, gymnasiums, and even small offices. It’s important to pick the best size and model for your workplace to ensure air is circulating efficiently.

Which Model and Size Do I Need?

The three models of the AirVolution are suitable for facilities of different sizes. You may be spending the summer working in a restaurant, a gymnasium, or a factory. Luckily, there are affordable options to make every work space cool and comfortable.

HVLS Fans AirVolution Model 370

HVLS Fans AirVolution Model 550

HVLS Fans AirVolution Model 780

Benefits of AirVolution Fans

• Optimum air movement/volume
• Highest testes CFM, lowest solidity ratio in the industry
• Low noise and interference
• Low install and maintenance costs
• Invert ability and durability
• UL safety certified

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