HVLS Fans: Prices By Facility Size.


AirVolution Model 780

The Benefits of HVLS Fans

A High-Velocity Low-Speed (HVLS) Fan, helps to reduce heating and cooling costs by distributing air flow in a facility more effectively. These specially designed fans conserve heating or cooling, supplement the HVAC system, and improve environmental conditions for employees. Ultimately these benefits help facility managers save energy and money and encourage employee comfort and increased productivity.

Choosing the Proper Size HVLS Fan

The size of a facility influences its needs and maintenance. Large industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants present a huge operational challenge because of their size. The extensive square footage that needs to be covered makes it hard to cool or heat the space effectively.

A smaller space can run into similar issues, especially if the air is rising and getting trapped around the ceiling. Keeping workers comfortable should be a priority. In the process, you can save money and energy. Here’s how you can choose the appropriate HVLS fan for your facility size.

Small Spaces: AVD370 Fan

If you are the facility manager of a retail store, brewery, gym, restaurant, or similarly sized building, this is the appropriate sized HVLS fan to suit your needs. The AVD370 ranges from 6 ft to 12 ft in length and can reach a max area of 3,500 square feet. This fan creates a cooling effect, helps control the effects of humidity, and can also help conserve heat in colder months by pushing warm air up to the ceiling, toward the walls, and down to the floor. This is the essential fan for keeping workers or customers comfortable in your space.

AVD370 Fan Summary

Sizes: 6 ft to 12 ft
Cost: $3,400.00 to $4,000.00
Application: Small spaces such as retail stores, houses, breweries, gyms, and restaurants.
Max Area Affected: 3,500 square feet

Medium Spaces: AVD550 Fan

Larger areas that don’t yet surpass 15,000 square feet, are well equipped with the AVD550 HVLS fan. This fan is most commonly used at automotive shops, commercial warehouses, barns, sports centers, and gyms. The fans range from 8 ft to 18 ft depending on facility requirements. These fans reduce energy consumption by supplementing the HVAC system, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. A facility manager can adjust the thermostat by 5° and see up to 20% reduction in cooling or heating costs.

AVD550 Fan Summary

Sizes: 8 ft to 18 ft
Cost: $6,000.00 to $7,000.00
Application: Medium spaces such as automotive shops, commercial warehouses, barns, sport centers and gyms.
Max Area Affected: 15,000 square feet

Large Spaces: AVD780 Fan

The largest buildings are reserved for the powerful AVD780 fan. This huge HVLS fan can be as long as 20 ft to 24 ft. This size accommodates an area as large as 22,000 square feet. If you’re in charge of the HVAC or maintenance of a distribution center, manufacturing plant, aquatic center, airport, mall or shopping center, this is the choice fan.

AVD780 Fan Summary

Sizes: 20ft and 24ft
Cost: $7,600.00 to $8,000.00
Application: Large spaces such as distribution centers, manufacturing plants, aquatic centers, airports, malls, and shopping centers.
Max Area Affected: 22,000 square feet

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