How to Save Energy with High Speed Doors.



According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 30 per cent of energy used in industrial and commercial facilities is used inefficiently and unnecessarily. In Canada it was reported that over one third (36 per cent) of greenhouse gas emissions came from only 574 collective industrial facilities in one year.  


It’s possible to collectively decrease wasted resources and energy-loss by taking responsibility as a facility manager. Fortunately, this also increases returns for the business by saving money spent to heat or cool your building.


How to Survey Energy-Loss in Your Facility.

If you’re using mass amounts of energy inefficiently, you have an opportunity to make a difference. Reducing inefficient energy use doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down. Using energy efficiently means finding opportunities to reduce wasted or lost energy that can be better used within the facility.


As a facility manager, you can survey your building to save energy and money that is being lost from damaged equipment or outdated designs. One of the easiest changes you can make in your facility is transitioning low-speed doors out, and bringing in high speed overhead doors.


Low Speed Doors Waste Energy and Money.

Doors that operate at an inadequate speed allow air to escape in greater volumes. In a facility with a high-traffic dock area, low speed doors can also make working conditions uncomfortable for workers. Cool or hot air can rush into the building for longer periods of time, and the contained air can escape.


Upgrading to a high speed door keeps the air that you paid to heat or cool inside the facility, saving both energy and money. Check the operational speed of the doors in your building and see how long the doors allow for air to escape or enter the facility in one open and close cycle.


Why You Should Replace Low Speed Overhead Doors.

A high speed door can reduce the cycle time from 56 seconds to 5.6 seconds. In high-cycle applications, the increased speed of a door is critical for reducing energy loss and overall energy costs. A few seconds may seem insignificant until you consider how many full open/close cycles happen in a given day at busy facilities.


Most energy is lost when a door is closing and high speed doors close 2-3 times faster than a standard electric operated door. This evidently saves energy by properly sealing off a designated area/room or dock door quicker. High speed doors have been shown to increase facility efficiency and reduce energy costs as they significantly reduce the amount of time doors are open, and subsequently reduce unwanted airflow between facility areas.


Types of High Speed Doors

There are a variety of high speed overhead doors available on the market. Here at Lenworth, we carry DYNACO doors due to their intelligent design, durability, and quality. Below are a few of the Models of high speed doors we install.


  • DYNACO Freezer High Speed Door (Interior)
  • DYNACO Slimline Stainless High Speed Door (Interior)
  • DYNACO Slimline Techno High Speed Door (Interior)
  • DYNACO D-313 Streamline High Performance Door (Interior)
  • DYNACO S731 Rubber Door (Exterior)
  • DYNACO S-631 Dyna-Rigid Door (Exterior)
  • DYNACO All Weather M2 High Performance Door (Exterior)
  • DYNACO Power M2/M3 High Performance Door (Exterior)


More Ways to Save Energy in Your Facility.

Lenworth has been recognized as a proud leader in the promotion of energy saving and efficiency in the industrial sector. Our high-quality products and educated team make us excellent consultants for energy saving techniques. If you’re concerned about energy saving in your facility, you should investigate the following four areas or call a Lenworth Representative to survey your facility.


  • Equipment Troubleshooting & Damage Assessment
  • Electrical Upgrades & Programming
  • Adequate Air Destratification
  • Building Envelope Characteristics


Learn More About Lenworth High Speed Overhead Doors

Lenworth Dock & Door is proud to be a leader in sales, service, installations and repairs on all makes and models of high-speed overhead doors. We operate in in Toronto, The Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding region.


Our best-in-class preferred service program, platinum product line offering and commitment to quality and service have made us the leader in the Loading Dock and Industrial Overhead Door industry for more than ten years.


Learn more about different High-Speed Overhead Doors and Benefits >>



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