Lenworth Dock & Door Recognized as a Leader in Promoting Energy Conservation


Lenworth has one simple commitment to their valued customers: do things right. With this belief in mind, Lenworth has built a reputation as an industry leader and advocate for proper accreditation, training, and an unwavering passion for a job well done.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Lenworth has been recognized by Enbridge Gas Distribution as one of the leaders in the promotion of energy savings and efficiency in the industrial sector. Our high-quality products and services, delivered by our well-trained, accredited and passionate team, have allowed us to reimagine professional standards and deliver true energy savings performance in the commercial and industrial facility improvement industry.

Enbridge is a well-known energy supplier and major advocate of responsible energy use. To support this advocacy they have built industrial energy savings programs, including fixed incentives that are designed to offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades, and can help to reduce both the consumption of natural gas and overall cost of natural gas bills.

Under this program you may be eligible for a $500.00 rebate from Enbridge on your energy conservation initiatives.

Below is a list of items eligible for rebates for all industrial building operators – that are offered by Lenworth:

– Air Doors/Air Curtains
– Destratification (HVLS) Fans

Enbridge also offers several additional flexible incentives that can be executed on qualified industrial facilities interested in pursuing energy efficient upgrades.

A few of the available incentives include:

– High Speed Doors
– Loading Dock Seals
– Truck Shelters

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these potential energy savings incentives available from Enbridge, please contact us today and we can send a representative to your facility to show you exactly what you may be eligible to receive.

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