5 Industrial Loading Dock Essentials for the Summer


These Loading Dock Essentials are Key for Summer

During the summer months, the loading dock can quickly become an unpleasant area to work in due to its exposure to heat, humidity, inclement weather, and more. As a result, facility managers across different industries are challenged with creating a comfortable and productive working environment for all employees. Plus, there is also the matter of trying to use energy more efficiently. This is where these loading dock essentials come in handy. 

We’ve rounded up a list of 5 products that help to create safe, productive conditions around the loading dock during the height of summer. 

1. HVLS Fans

Improve air circulation, promote occupant cooling and use energy more efficiently. 

Maintaining a comfortable working environment is a key step to achieving operational excellence. In high-temperature, poorly-ventilated spaces, employees are more prone to fatigue, error, distraction and are less productive. In certain cases, employees are also potentially at risk for heat stress and other medical issues. 

High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans move large quantities of air at low speeds, encouraging better airflow, circulation, and ventilation in unconditioned facilities. They help to cool occupants via evaporative cooling by moving heavy, hot, humid air away from the body.  

In facilities that are equipped with air-conditioning systems, HVLS fans circulate and redistribute large volumes of air. This allows facilities to raise temperature setpoints on their HVAC systems without sacrificing the comfort of employees or occupants. This can lead to smarter, more efficient cooling during the height of summer. 

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2. Loading Dock Seals

Create a tight seal around loading dock doors to prevent unwanted air transfer and inclement weather.

For facilities operating at full capacity during the height of summer, extreme humidity, high winds, and heavy rains can create adverse conditions around the loading dock. An Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal can help facilities guard against adverse weather and unwanted air transfer by sealing exposed gaps around the perimeter of a loading dock door. 

These products are an economical way to form an airtight seal between the building and trailer for dock openings up to 10’ W x 12’ H. For added versatility, Lenworth carries dock seals with adjustable head curtains that can be easily positioned by one person from inside the building by means of rope and pulley after the trailer is in position.

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3. High-Speed Doors

Enhance efficiency and curb energy waste with smart engineering and speed.

With their slower opening and closing speeds, standard overhead doors can contribute to major energy loss in high-traffic facilities during the summer months. Conversely, high-speed overhead doors can reduce a door’s cycle time from 56 seconds to 5.6 seconds. This difference of a few seconds may seem small, but high-speed doors offer a clear advantage when you consider the amount of open/close cycles facility doors complete on a given day. 

When it comes to low-speed doors, most energy is lost when the door is closing. High-speed doors can close up to 2-3 times faster than low-speed alternatives, making them an efficient long-term solution to energy waste and environmental control in the loading dock area.  Discover a lineup of high-speed overhead doors that feature air-tight seals, high-speed cycle times, and supreme weather-resistant durability. 

4. Air Curtains

Create a barrier that protects against air, dust, dirt, and insects. 

Air curtains create a stream of air that covers the entire width and length of a door opening and are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. In loading dock areas, air curtains create an effective barrier that reduces the infiltration of outside air, dust, dirt, and insects. By repelling external air,  they can also help to maintain more comfortable conditions around loading docks in the warmer months. Lenworth’s lineup of Air Curtains are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature heavy-duty direct-drive motors for long-term performance. 

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5. Bug Screen Doors 

Keep loading dock areas comfortable and ventilated during the summer

On warm, breezy summer days, it’s tempting for facilities to open up loading dock doors fully in order to take advantage of the light, comfortable temperatures, and natural ventilation. However, in certain facilities, this presents safety, security, and contamination issues. 

With bug screen doors, facilities can enjoy these ideal conditions while keeping their facilities sealed against unwanted infiltration. These doors are designed to create a more comfortable work environment while maintaining safety standards. Coming standard in an 11×17 tightly-woven mesh screen, these doors allow both fresh air and natural light to flow into the facility. The screen promotes up to 35% airflow from the outdoors to the indoors, all while keeping birds, insects, and particulates at bay.

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