4 Products To Improve Your Loading Dock Doors This Summer


With warmer weather now upon us, facility managers should be considering new, efficient ways to keep their workspaces comfortable and running smoothly around the loading dock area. Heat, humidity and rain can put a strain on workplace productivity.  As a result, facility managers who oversee large, high-traffic facilities should be taking the proper steps to ensure their loading dock areas are summer ready. 

Facility dock areas should be addressed for the following reasons:

– To save on energy

– In order to increase operational efficiency 

– In order to maximize safety conditions

– To create a comfortable work environment

With that in mind, here are four products that can improve loading dock areas this summer. 

1. The Manaras OSH UL325 Jackshaft Operator

With the push of a button, the Manaras OSH UL325 Jackshaft Operator automatically opens a loading dock door. Not only is this more efficient from a time and energy standpoint, the Jackshaft Operator will ultimately reduce the overall strain put on the door as a result of constant opening and closing. This Manaras model includes a monitored, waterproof, reflective photoelectric sensor that can discover the distance, absence or presence of an object in order to consistently ensure the door is safe to close. In the event that the opening is not clear, or if the photoelectric sensors are for some reason out of alignment, the Manaras Jackshaft Operator can be conveniently closed by constant pressure, whereas other units would require a service call. A user-friendly product, this piece of equipment is essential to a safe, efficient, properly functioning loading dock area.

2. The Rain Deflector

Whether it’s dew and morning mist or a torrential downpour, you can count on moisture being an element you’ll face around the dock during the summer months. Because of this inevitability, facility managers should look into protective measures to keep any sort of rainwater out of the loading dock area. Loading docks are hazardous even in the most benign weather conditions. When you factor in moisture, the potential for accidents only increases. 

Rain Deflectors are an excellent way to prevent water from infiltrating the loading dock area. They can effectively eliminate wet and slippery conditions, creating a much safer and productive work environment. A flexible, rotating, high density foam pad works to seal the top of a truck trailer and divert rain to provide a tighter seal through fiberglass stays. Best of all, there are no head curtains or manual ropes required. Facility managers can also choose to include a galvanized frame to ensure longer durability. 

3. Dock Wedge Combo Shelter

The Dock Wedge Combo Shelter provides an incredibly versatile seal that can be used on all types of truck trailers. It is an excellent solution to the unique challenges associated with sealing a wide variety of trailer traffic. Its versatile seal allows for complete and unobstructed access to the width and height of the truck’s interior while also providing comprehensive weather protection. 

The Dock Wedge Combo Shelter’s resilient velcro side pads create a tight seal that blocks out weather, insects, dust and dirt to reduce pilferage and save on energy costs. Used in combination with the Rain Deflector, the frame construction will mitigate the effects of weather and natural wear-and-tear. The side pads are made from velcro, making them very resistant to tears as well as easily removable in the event of repair or replacement. Overall, the Dock Wedge Combo Shelter will help to increase productivity while also protecting employees, products and loading dock equipment. 

4. Springless Drive Sectional Door 

Looking for ways to limit downtime? Look no further than the Springless Drive Sectional Door. An ideal dock door for a variety of versatile applications, it essentially allows a sectional door open and close as if it were a high speed door by eliminating the use of springs. The door achieves an operating speed of up to 100”/second when used in high-speed door applications. 

Suitable for both balanced and unbalanced sectionals, rolling steel doors, rolling grills and high-speed fabric doors, the Springless Drive Sectional Door is maintenance free, self-monitoring and comes with standard maintenance items such as limit and level that do not require the use of a lift. It also has excellent damping characteristics for seamless, smooth and remarkably quiet operation. Manufactured from the highest quality components and locally manufactured parts, facility managers can expect years of trouble-free service, meaningful energy savings and reliable servicing and maintenance.  

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