4 Benefits of Going With a Turnkey Facility Installation Provider


Achieve Operational Efficiency With Turnkey Facility Installation and Purchasing Solutions 

Operating efficiently without compromising employee safety is the ultimate goal of any industrial facility. From food processing and cold storage facilities to distribution & logistics warehouses, pharmaceutical facilities and more, every facility wants to be able to operate smoother and safer while removing inefficiencies from the process. 

That said, it can be a difficult balance to strike between making the necessary improvements to upgrade operations and the downtime, costs and resources required to do it. To help facilities strike this balance, a turnkey installation and service provider like Lenworth can make all the difference. After years of providing turnkey purchasing and installation solutions for loading docks, overhead doors, fans, security gates & more, we’re proud to handle the intricate details and deliver effective solutions to the facilities we work with. Regardless of your facility’s installation needs, we guarantee:  

  1. Extensive on-hand product selection
  2. Top-tier installation from qualified professionals
  3. Comprehensive facility consultations
  4. Committed customer service

Read on to learn more about how we can help facilities with our turnkey facility installation and purchasing and how we’re committed to one thing above all else — doing it right. 

turnkey facility installation

1. Our Comprehensive Facility Consultation Will Help Determine The Best Solution For Your Facility 

At Lenworth, we believe in offering our customers and clients the most transparent and most complete facility consultation possible to ensure they get what they need when they need it. 

Quick & Accurate Quotes

We provide timely and accurate quotes based on our assessment of your unique needs and objectives. We quote competitive prices while maximizing value through our industry-changing approach, which challenges the status quo with a solution-based approach. When you work with us, you work with a team that values reliability, trust and long-term relationships over transactions. 

Professional & Customer-focused Consultation Service 

Our professional facility improvement experts look forward to discussing your needs and recommending appropriate action. Depending on the situation, timeline and scope, one of our experts will:

  • Listen to your unique operational needs
  • Review your history, application and issues
  • Request photos/come to your facility for an on-site visit
  • Provide budget-relevant recommendations

2. We Have The Right Products On Hand To Help Improve Your Facility 

The key to operating at a high level is installing high-quality products and facility components that are built to perform over the long term. Our standard products offer enhanced quality and are developed with more durable materials. Pair that with expert installation and service technicians and you’ve got a winning formula.

High-Speed Doors

Our High-Speed Overhead Doors can suit low-volume and high-volume facilities alike. Through faster opening and closing speeds, they prevent unwanted airflow between the indoors and outdoors, and also between different facility areas to prevent unwanted air transfer, increase efficiency and reduce energy waste. 


Browse our Lineup of High-Speed Doors Here >>

Loading Dock Seals

Investing in an Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal can help better protect the loading dock area by sealing exposed gaps from the elements. They also help improve energy efficiency by containing the warm air generated internally. 

Browse our Lineup of Loading Dock Seals Here >>

Loading Dock Levelers

A dock leveler bridges the loading dock floor with truck trailers, supports extremely heavy loads, services a wide range of truck heights and helps to ensure smooth, safe loading and unloading processes at your facility. 

Browse our Lineup of Loading Dock Levelers Here >>

Truck Restraints

A truck restraint is an essential component of loading dock safety that works by holding a truck in place during the loading and unloading process. These restraints prevent early departure, trailer creep, truck pop-ups and upendings, and landing gear collapse.


Browse our Lineup of Truck Restraints Here >>


High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans are engineered to distribute airflow in a facility more effectively and improve environmental conditions for employees. Ultimately these benefits help facility managers avoid costly heating and cooling expenses and encourage employee comfort and increased productivity. 

Browse our Lineup of HVLS Fans Here >>

Rolling Steel Doors

Excellent options in facilities where security and durability are essential, our Rolling Steel Doors are virtually maintenance-free which leads to a significantly reduced Total Life Cost. These doors use an interlocking slat design and solid insulation inserts for consistent density, complete coverage and greater energy conservation over time.



Browse our Lineup of Rolling Steel Doors Here >> 

3. Our Technicians are Available for a Wide Range of Turnkey Facility Installations

Once you’ve finalized the right equipment, then comes the assembly and installation process. Our installation professionals are accredited, extensively-trained and will work with you to address your facility’s unique needs. Regardless of the situation, we arrive prepared. 

Below are some of the turnkey installation solutions that we offer:

Loading Dock Installations

We understand that your loading dock area is an integral part of your business and that it’s vital to keep your facility operating at maximum efficiency. With proven expertise, we ensure seamless, reliable installations of high-quality loading dock products including dock levelers, loading dock seals and truck restraints to reduce downtime and keep things running smoothly. 

Learn More About Loading Dock Installation >>

Overhead Door Installations

Overhead doors require proper installation to ensure long-term performance. Our accredited specialists have undergone extensive training to properly install and service different models of overhead doors, from high-speed to rolling steel and commercial overhead doors. We’re also proud to be a member of the International Door Association, which means you can rely on our technicians’ industry-recognized knowledge and skill. 

Learn More About Overhead Door Installations >>

HVLS Fan & Gate System Installations

In addition to loading dock and overhead door turnkey facility installation, we also install HVLS (High-Volume Low-Speed) Fans and security gate systems for industrial facilities.

We’ll get you up and running sooner

Regardless of what you’re looking to install, we have the drive, expertise and experience to get the job done more efficiently: 

One-Call Completion Focus: 84% of our service calls are completed in the first call, which reduces overall spend by eliminating unnecessary travel and return visit charges. It’s part of our commitment to provide readymade, turnkey solutions to keep your facility running smoothly. 

Guaranteed 4-Hour Response Time: We understand how costly downtime is. With a fleet of fully-equipped service trucks, we are able to offer the fastest response time in the industry. And with our Preferred Service Program? We can get you up and running even faster. 


4. Take Advantage Of Our Preferred Service Program (PSP) For Faster & More Personalized Facility Maintenance Services 

Apart from equipment installations, repairs and upgrades, preventative maintenance plays an important role for every industrial facility. Preventative maintenance means regularly servicing facility equipment to ensure proper functionality and no disruptive breakdowns. In addition to providing our clients with quality products, Lenworth also offers our Preferred Service Program (PSP) — a membership program that helps facility managers ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency, regardless of the time of year. The program’s main goal is to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity in a professional and timely manner. PSP members can take advantage of: 

  • Exclusive discounts on parts
  • Routine facility inspections
  • A guaranteed 4-hour response time
  • Fixed labour costs for one year

Take Steps Towards Operational Success With Lenworth Turnkey Facility Installation Solutions

At Lenworth, we believe that there are no shortcuts to operational success. We’re committed to doing things right and providing our clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. We not only look to improve our own standards, but to raise the standards across the industry. If you’re ready to learn more about our turnkey facility installations, contact us today!

In order for us to better accommodate you during this time, call ahead to book a showroom visit with one of our representatives and see our lineup of high-quality products including Dock Levelers (Hydraulic and Mechanical), Seals and Shelters, High-Speed Doors, HVLS Fans, Truck Restraints, Aftermarket Accessories and more for yourself. 



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