Why One Call Completion Rates Matter for Industrial Facilities


No Matter What Your Facility Does, Avoiding Downtime is Key

From ongoing supply chain issues and enhanced health and safety protocols to upholding stakeholder satisfaction, industrial facilities are navigating complex challenges these days. External pressures aside, there’s also the matter of running your facility safely and efficiently.

In light of new challenges, no facility manager should have to worry about equipment issues causing prolonged, unplanned downtime. But as any facility manager knows, breakdowns do happen. When they do, your service provider should be able to get you back on track quickly. But how can facility managers gauge the quality of their service provider? Looking at one-call completion rates and service response times is a great place to start.

What Does “One Call Completion Rates” Refer To?

Breakdowns and equipment issues are inevitable in fast-paced industrial facilities. When things do go wrong, the key is to get back up and running quickly. A service provider’s one-call completion rate is a key metric in these instances. It measures how often your maintenance and service provider is able to diagnose, consult on and address equipment issues after only one call and visit to your facility.

one call completion rates

What About Service Response Times?

Clearly, the ability to solve equipment problems after one visit is an excellent indicator of a great service provider. However, there’s also the matter of how fast they can get to your facility and get working. This is where service response times come into play. The faster your service provider can get on-site and get diagnosing your equipment issue(s), the better.

Together, a high one-call completion rate and a fast service response time is what facilities need to reduce downtime and stay on track. It’s a one-two punch you can rely on when deciding which equipment and service provider is right for you.

What Leads to Better One-Call Completion Rates & Response Times?

Committing to better one-call completion rates requires dedication and expertise. Here are some of the most important factors:

Equipment Expertise

Having an intimate knowledge of all types of industrial facilities and the equipment they use is foundational to having a high one-call completion rate. Once your service provider is on-site, they need to understand the equipment, diagnose the problem and find the solution. From high-speed overhead doors and truck restraints to dock levelers, indoor air quality and electrical equipment, their knowledge must be comprehensive and appropriate for the situation.

one call completion rates

The Right Parts

While the speed of response is important, if your service provider doesn’t have parts and/or the tools for the job on-hand, they won’t be able to address the problem in the right way. The right parts and equipment need to be strategically located and fully accessible so as to make the response quick, but also productive.

one call completion rates

Incredible Customer Service

Delivering consistent completion rates and fast response times stems first from understanding and caring about the needs of facilities. Your service provider has to be quick, responsive, solutions-driven and, most importantly, reachable when you need them. With the right equipment and service provider, one call truly means one call.

The Right Solutions

Regardless of whether you need a repair, a tune-up, a retrofit, an upgrade or a full equipment replacement, your service provider needs to be flexible, and ready to deliver the right solutions that the situation calls for.


When it Comes to Completion Rates & Response Times, Lenworth Delivers

While we guarantee a 4-hour response time nationally, our average response time is 1.5 hours. Our extensive inventory of parts is in stock at all times in locations all across Canada and is ready to dispatch upon request. This results in an industry-leading 88% one-call completion rate.

With a guaranteed single point of contact, you can rely on the 24/7 support of Lenworth’s robust, award- winning service team regardless of your location. Our standardized processes allow for consistent, predictable support and response on a national scale.

Get Even More Out of Our Services With the Preferred Service Program (PSP)

The PSP is an exclusive preventative maintenance service designed to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity. There are several tangible items that our Preferred Service Customers can take advantage of to ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency, and to maintain facility equipment that is safe & reliable, including:

  • Exclusive discounts on parts
  • Routine facility inspections
  • A maximum 4-hour response time
  • Fixed labour costs for one year

The comprehensive services available through the PSP reinforce our commitment to reducing service costs, increasing the reliability of equipment, improving response time, better productivity and rigorous compliance.


We Offer Solutions to Help Your Facility Operate at a Higher Level

We believe in providing our customers and clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. If you have more questions about our extensive range of industrial facility services, equipment product line, or our PSP, contact one of our representatives today!


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