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With warmer weather close at hand, facility managers should be considering new and efficient ways to keep their workspaces comfortable and ventilated around the loading dock area. It’s always an option to use internal conditioned air, but prolonged use can cause energy bills to skyrocket. Keeping overhead doors fully open allows light and fresh air in, but it also presents safety, security and contamination issues. To address these problems, facility managers should consider a Bug Screen Door. These doors are designed to create a more comfortable work environment, maintain safety standards, and protect facilities against birds, insects and particulates. Read on to learn more about why Lenworth provides the best bug screen for a dock door.

Bug Screen Doors Can Help Keep Dock Areas Ventilated

Lenworth’s Bug Screen Door comes standard with an 11×17 tightly-woven mesh screen. This design allows for both fresh air and natural light to flow into the facility. The screen promotes up to 35% air flow from the outdoors to the indoors, all while keeping birds, insects and particulates at bay. The main benefits of this design are:

  1. Creates cool, bright and comfortable working conditions for employees during the warmer months.
  2. The natural airflow reduces a facility’s reliance on conditioned air, which can help to lower energy costs.
  3. Keeps loading dock ventilated and bright while not compromising on safety, security and sanitation.

Bug Screen Doors Can Fit Seamlessly Into Any Facility

Bug Screen Doors are ideal for many workplaces, including loadings bays, food production facilities, distribution centres and warehouses. Lenworth provides a variety of manual and motorized options that can easily be installed or mounted alongside existing facility doors.

Lenworth’s Bug Screen Doors are also ideal for facilities that are often exposed to high wind gusts or constant negative air pressure. The durable construction provides the stability needed to handle these unique conditions. For contamination-sensitive workplaces where rigorous sanitation standards are a must, Bug Screen Doors are an ideal solution. The tightly-woven mesh screen is porous enough to let in fresh air and light while blocking out insects, larger animals and potential contaminants from the outdoors.

What are the Features of a Bug Screen Door?

Modular Door Panels

Lenworth’s Bug Screen Door comes standard with innovative modular door panels that make the door easily convertible.

Aluminium Wind Bars

In order to maintain structure and stability in a variety of conditions, Bug Screen Doors are designed with aluminum wind bars. These bars run horizontally across the door’s curtain at strategic points, allowing for rigidity and problem-free operation.

The Mesh Screen

The flexible 11×17 mesh screen is tightly-woven to a point that optimizes the flow of fresh air and natural light while being able to block all potential intrusions of insects, animals and particulates.

Three Mounting Options

Lenworth can install the bug screen door to fit any facility’s needs. Depending on the circumstances, it can be installed in the door jamb (also referred to as the “in jamb” mount), on the face of the wall (when no existing door is present), or inside the stand-off (when mounted in front of an existing door). Lenworth offers free consultations to help facility managers understand the door configuration that will work best for them.

Breakaway Bar

The breakaway bar comes standard on the Bug Screen Door. It will prevent the door from breaking if an object comes into contact with it. Furthermore, the door’s design easily allows the bottom bar to slide back into the track if it releases.

High-Performance Guide Tracks

Lenworth’s Bug Screen Door comes standard with extruded aluminum guide tracks that allow for seamless roll-up capabilities while keeping the door firmly locked in place. The high-quality UHMW polyethylene inserts reduce friction and add an extra layer of protection and security.

Lenworth Supplies High-Quality Bug Screen Doors

If you have questions about the features and benefits of Bug Screen Doors, or about how your facility can improve in other areas, Lenworth offers free, no-hassle consultations. We provide timely and accurate quotes based on our assessment of your unique needs and objectives. A Lenworth Representative can determine how to install a Bug Screen Door so as to best improve working conditions over the long term.

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