Product Spotlight: High-Speed Overhead Doors Mean More Efficiency


High-Speed Doors Mean More Efficiency — In More Ways Than One

Efficiency can mean different things for your industrial facility. Regardless of whether you run or manage a warehouse, a fulfillment centre, a distribution centre, a commercial storage facility or something similar, you want it to run efficiently in two key ways: 

  1. Efficiency means productivity: You want your facility equipment to help keep things running smoothly and on schedule. 
  2. Efficiency means energy-smart: You want your facility equipment to help you reduce energy waste and manage costs. 

When you install High-Speed Overhead Doors in your facility or loading dock area, you have a chance to address efficiency in all of its forms. Read on to learn more about this product and how it can be a game changer for your facility. 

What is a High-Speed Overhead Door?

High-Speed Overhead Doors are an excellent replacement for slower, outdated standard overhead doors. Used in both interior and exterior applications, these doors have extremely fast opening and closing cycles to speed up operations. 

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1. How High-Speed Doors Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are essential in high-traffic workplaces where hitting deadlines and rigorously adhering to tight schedules are key to stakeholder satisfaction. And while seamless processes and a skilled, productive workforce are essential to achieving consistency and productivity, it’s also important to have a facility that works with your team rather than against them. In this context, High-Speed Doors present a clear advantage:  

  • Standard commercial overhead doors are slow, with an average cycle time of around 40 seconds. In this context, cycle time refers to the amount of time it takes the door to fully open and close one time. 
  • Upgrading to standard 10’x10’ high-speed doors can lower the average cycle time to 13.3 seconds.
  • When you upgrade to a high-performance High-Speed Door, the number improves to a cycle time of 2.5 seconds.

Compared to a standard overhead door, high speed doors are up to 10 times faster, moving at speeds of up to 140 inches per second in some cases.

The speed of these overhead doors is vital in high traffic facilities as they provide seamless entry through door openings, allowing workflow to progress without interruption. High-speed doors work so efficiently that your employees don’t have to wait around for the cycle completion or feel like their work is being held up unnecessarily. 

Product Spotlight: The Dynaco All-Weather M2/M3 High-Performance Door

Specifically designed for exterior applications, the DYNACO All Weather M3 is engineered for high cycles, extreme weather and high wind loads. The All Weather M3 incorporates patented push pull technology, pivoting side guides, soft edge technology, self-reinsertion and industrial quality controls. 

Combined, the systems provide maximum performance and safety for high-pressure applications. The All Weather M3 can be mounted interior or exterior to the building and is available with a wide variety of optional equipment. The door is free of rigid components and conventional weatherstrip systems. Thus reducing maintenance cost and improving energy efficiency.

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Height: 18′ H 
  • Maximum Width: 18′ W
  • Opening Speed: Up to 96″/sec
  • Closing Speed: Up to 48″/sec
  • Technology: Push/Pull

2. How High-Speed Doors Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Waste

With their slow opening and closing speeds, overhead doors can contribute to major energy loss in high-traffic facilities if the potential liabilities aren’t addressed. Used properly, and in the right areas, High-Speed Doors can help facilities use the energy they produce more effectively by creating tighter seals, and significantly reducing unwanted air transfer through faster door speeds. 

Ideal for Exterior Applications: In loading dock applications, High-Speed Doors are all specifically designed to reduce unwanted air transfer between your facility and the outdoors, leading to more comfortable, controllable and energy-efficient interior conditions around the loading dock area. Plus, they are built to last and maintain a high level of performance even under harsh weather such as wind, snow and rain. 

Tighter Seals: For applications where cold air containment, cleanliness and sanitation are essential, High-Speed Doors are the best, most efficient choice. From flexible stiffeners, encapsulated side guides and overall tighter perimeter seals, interior High-Speed Door models can help you get the most out of the energy you use to heat and cool certain areas of your facility.

Insulation & Environmental Control: High-Speed Door models from DYNACO come with insulated door curtains consisting of two layers of PVC filled with insulating material that can be specified to reduce convection and help prevent the loss of cold air where it’s needed.  

Product Spotlight: The Dynaco D-313 Streamline High-Speed Door

The Streamline Door provides outstanding environmental control through the use of state of the art technology. A sleek, attractive exterior houses patented components designed for maximum performance with minimal noise and clearance issues.

Designed for applications where cleanliness and/or aesthetics are critical, the Streamline incorporates smooth composite materials virtually free of exposed fasteners. Ultra quiet operation and soft curtain technology assure safety and comfort.

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Height: 14′ H 
  • Maximum Width: 14′ W 
  • Opening Speed: Up to 120″/sec
  • Closing Speed: Up to 24″/sec
  • Technology: Gravity

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