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Best-in-Class Industrial Dock and Door Services in Calgary

From seasonal improvements to optimizing facility safety, efficiency and productivity, it is crucial that facility managers have access to a dedicated maintenance and service provider. With years of experience installing, repairing, maintaining, and retrofitting dock and door equipment for industrial facilities, Lenworth is proud to offer best-in-class industrial dock and door services in Calgary and the surrounding area.

At Lenworth, we value efficiency and performance just as much as you do; that’s why we offer a wide variety of dock and door equipment and services to make installations, upgrades, and repairs just one less thing to worry about for facility managers. Let’s dig into the five ways we improve industrial facilities.

dock and door services in Calgary

1. The Facility Improvements You Need, When You Need Them

We strive to deliver fast, efficient, and consistent facility services to all of our clients in Calgary. Here is how we do it.

Standardized Facility Services

With a guaranteed single point of contact, you can rely on the 24/7 support of Lenworth’s robust, professional, and award-winning service team regardless of your location. Our standardized processes allow for consistent, predictable support and response times across Calgary and the surrounding area.

Fast Response Times and One-Call Completions

Equipment breakdowns and malfunctions happen in every facility; the key is to get back up and running quickly to avoid prolonged downtime. While we guarantee a 4-hour response time nationally, our average response time is 1.5 hours. Our extensive inventory of parts is in stock at all times and is ready to dispatch upon request. This results in an industry-leading 88% one-call completion rate.

one call completion rates

2. We Are More Than a Dock and Door Services Company

Lenworth is a family-owned business built on a solid foundation, consisting of values including hard work, trust, and passion. From the sales team to the service team, and technicians, we select every employee for their ability to turn hard work into great results. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as an advocate for proper accreditation, employee training, and customer satisfaction. We’ve also learned that no facility is the same and each comes with its own set of needs and challenges. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to help our customers address their unique needs.

Industrial installation services

Proper, professional equipment installations can have a lasting impact on performance and efficiency. We offer a consultative, end-to-end approach to the sales and installation of all types of overhead doors, loading dock products, fans, and gate systems. Our team of fully-trained and certified technicians can also carry out special installations upon request.

Industrial preventative maintenance & repair services

Equipment malfunctions and unplanned downtime can lead to a host of issues for both facilities and stakeholders. That’s why having access to a dedicated preventative maintenance and service provider is so crucial. Our service vehicles carry a large inventory of common parts for on-site repairs — if we can repair it on the first visit, we have the tools and parts to get it done.

dock and door services in calgary

Industrial upgrade & retrofit services

Not all industrial facility issues require a complete overhaul. Our consultative approach often results in an upgrade or retrofit of an existing outfit. We specialize in upgrading and retrofitting all types of docks, doors, fans and gate systems.

Industrial electrical services

Our electricians operate and undertake all electrical services and installations according to the Canadian electrical code and Alberta electrical regulations. We can provide turnkey services, including installation & repair of industrial overhead doors, loading docks, and more.

dock and door services in calgary

3. The Preferred Service Program (PSP)

Our commitment to ensuring our clients in Calgary get the most out of their loading dock and overhead door equipment doesn’t end with the purchase of the product. After the initial inquiry, one of our representatives will tour a facility to gain a complete understanding of its unique needs. Following a purchase, all of our clients have the opportunity to join our Preferred Service Program (PSP).

The Preferred Service Program allows for decreased downtime and maximum up-time — keeping your mind on the things that matter, like your business. Preventative maintenance is essential to maintaining a safe working environment, reducing service costs, avoiding downtime, and more.

Our Preferred Service Customers enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Exclusive discounts on parts
  2. Routine facility inspections
  3. Guaranteed 4-hour response time
  4. Fixed labour costs for one year

4. A Premium Product Line to Keep Your Facility Operating at a High Level

Around the Loading Dock

Our selection of loading dock products has been hand-picked to fit the needs of our clients. From the highest quality components available to more cost-friendly options, we have loading dock components for every facility: From loading dock levelers and loading dock truck restraints to high-speed overhead doors and more. Learn more about:

Loading Dock Levelers >>
Dock Seals >>
Loading Dock Truck Restraints >>
High-Speed Overhead Doors >>

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High-Volume-Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans

These overhead fans are able to move large quantities of air at lower speeds. The low speed ensures whisper-quiet operation, even as these fans help to evenly distribute and circulate air in very large spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, automotive dealerships, large restaurants, atriums, and more. These fans can:

  1. Circulate and distribute air more evenly in large spaces leading to better ventilation and air quality
  2. Create ideal conditions for occupant comfort via evaporative cooling
  3. Change the perceived temperature of large spaces and reduce humidity
  4. Help facilities use their A/C systems more efficiently
  5. Destratify large spaces to keep them comfortable in colder temperatures while reducing heating consumption

hvls fans

Gate Systems

Our Security Gate Systems offer a customized solution that allows for heightened security, better traffic flow, and enhanced appearance for your facility. We can provide full turnkey gate and fencing solutions for small to larger industrial facilities. From shipping/receiving bays and stockyards to parking lots and condominiums, we aim to secure all types of applications.

5. We Have the Experience & Expertise to Serve Our Clients at the Highest Level

We understand that your loading docks and overhead doors are an integral part of your business. With more than ten years of industry experience, you’ll be in good hands when you work with us at Lenworth.

Our highly trained technicians will work with you to address your facility needs and build you a custom program. For upgrades and retrofits, we work to provide our customers with fast, efficient solutions that have an immediate impact. We can help at every stage of the process: from planning and consideration to purchasing, installation, and post-purchase care. It’s this level of dedication that makes us the best company for dock and door services in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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