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Preferred service program

The One Call Fix-All

What if there was a simple way to save money and boost productivity in your facility in just one step? Some companies can offer this by means of a preventative maintenance program. These programs were created for the purpose of maintaining equipment in a satisfactory operating condition, often by having personnel provide regular systematic inspections, detection, and correction.

These programs guard against machine or equipment failures before they happen. The end result is an industrial or commercial facility with equipment that is consistently operating at its best.

The Preferred Service Program (PSP)

Lenworth’s Preferred Service Program (PSP) is a preventative maintenance service meant to mitigate facility risk. There are a number of tangible items that our Preferred Service customers can take advantage of to ensure their facilities are operating at maximum efficiency, and to maintain facility equipment that is safe and reliable. Still have questions? Discover the services included, the losses a facility can avoid, overall benefits, and more.

What Does The Preferred Service Program Include?

• Discount on all parts
• Routine facility inspections
• 4 hour max response time
• Fixed labour for one year

What Does The Preferred Service Program Help Prevent?

• Loss from injured employees
• Loss from damaged product
• Loss from preventable equipment repairs
• Loss from missed delivery times
• Non-Compliance with Ontario Labour Requirements

What Are The Benefits of The Preferred Service Program?

• Reduced service costs
• Increased reliability of equipment
• Improved response time
• Maximized productivity
• Ensured compliance with safety regulations

Who Can Benefit From The Preferred Service Program?

• Facilities that require long-term maintenance
• Facilities with costly equipment
• Facilities that require a fast response time
• Fast-pace work environment
• Employees working with machinery
• Facility managers mindful of cost-reduction

Join Our Satisfied Preferred Service Customers

Our customers love being a part of an efficient, fast, and money-saving program. Commercial and industrial facilities can be high-maintenance to service, that’s why we take care of the details.

Having a facility free from equipment damage can also free up time for efficiency, no matter what products or services you handle on a daily basis. Improve your facility in one easy step; a call or message to an experienced Lenworth representative.

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