What to Expect During a PSP Inspection.


psp inspection

Running a business and managing a facility are both demanding positions that leave little spare time to regularly survey equipment, anticipate repairs, or increase the reliability of machinery. In many cases, equipment is not replaced or even recognized as faulty until it creates a large problem like a missed delivery time, or worse, an injury. Do you know if your facility is compliant with the Ontario Labour Requirements? Do you consistently check up on machinery to be sure it isn’t damaged?


If you want to have the safest possible facility and the smoothest operations, but don’t have the time or trained knowledge to take the necessary steps to do so, our PSP is the ideal option for you. Signing up for our PSP grants you the peace of mind that your facility is being looked after, every step of the way.


First Things First: What is a PSP Inspection?

A PSP Inspection is a Preferred Service Program. Lenworth’s PSP offers preventative maintenance services meant to mitigate facility risk. Customers that require repeat services in their facility can benefit from an all-encompassing program that has them covered year-round. With a PSP, your facility is guaranteed to be safe and reliable for both the facility manager and workers. Learn more about what to expect during a PSP visit and ensure your facility is operating at maximum efficiency.


What Do I Get as a PSP Member?

Joining Lenworth’s PSP is an easy way to save on long-term expenses that can build up throughout the year while operating in a pay-as-you-go manner. If issues present themselves unexpectedly, you can feel at ease knowing the solution is cared for and able to be quickly resolved. Being a PSP member essentially makes you top-priority as a customer. Your facility will have a faster response time with the best possible pricing. A few benefits include:


• Discount on all fast-moving parts

• Routine facility inspections

• Four hour max response time

• Fixed labour for one year

• Ensured compliance with safety regulations

• Detailed deficiency report that is broken down into (3) categories:
Safety, Operational, and Environmental

• Transparency through provided pictures of loading dock and door deficiencies


How Does the PSP Help My Facility?

Downtime and injuries can cost a company thousands of dollars an hour and hundreds of thousands annually. Equipment that is faulty can also cost you time and efficiency in your facility. A good facility manager takes care of his or her people by making their safety a number one priority. You also know better than anyone that missed deliveries or a damaged product can leave a negative impression on your business. Our Preferred Service Program works to prevent:


• Loss from injured employees

• Loss from damaged product

• Loss from preventable equipment repairs

• Loss by Dock Door downtime

• Non-Compliance with Ontario Labour Requirements

What Should You Expect During a PSP Inspection?

If you’re a part of Lenworth’s PSP inspection and you experience a problem or a concern in your facility, you can call Lenworth and expect a response in less than four hour’s time. A qualified professional from Lenworth’s team will arrange a time that is best suited for you and your facility, and make the trip to your building. The representative will already have basic knowledge about your facility, equipment, and needs based on the initial meeting.


The representative will survey equipment and provide repairs if necessary. Any and all parts that need to be replaced or tuned up will be provided at a discounted price. The labour itself will be charged at a fixed price that you, as the facility manager, are aware of ahead of time.


The PSP inspection is not just there for unexpected service calls. Representatives will be in your facility for routine checks throughout the calendar year to ensure your equipment is consistently reliable, safe, and efficient. All services are provided at a reduced cost when compared to standard rates.


“The service technicians are always professional while on site and follow all policies and health and safety procedures and the office staff are great at keeping me updated on status of requests. ” – Facility Manager, Property Management Company

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