How to Avoid Long Equipment Lead Times in Industrial Facilities


In Your Facility, Every Minute Counts.

Productivity and efficiency are essential in industrial facilities. And while they are certainly achievable when things are running smoothly, equipment breakdowns or malfunctions can really put your processes to the test. In situations like these, long lead times in industrial facilities can cause prolonged downtime, administrative headaches, delayed processes, safety concerns, and more.

In industries where every minute counts, working with an equipment and service provider who can help you avoid long lead times can make all the difference. Ultimately, avoiding long lead times comes down to having a service provider that’s prepared, professionally trained, dedicated, and highly accessible. Read on to learn more!

lead times in industrial facilities

Reducing Lead Times Requires Proactive Solutions

A lead time is the amount of time it takes from the initiation of an order, repair, service request, etc to the moment of completion, resolution, or fulfillment. In the case of equipment repairs, replacement or maintenance, there are many steps that make up this process: the initial service call, the consultation, travel time to the facility, diagnosing the issue, sourcing any replacement parts, physically fixing the issue, etc.

And while all of these steps are essential and require precision and expertise, the key to reducing lead times is cutting out as many unnecessary steps and inefficiencies as possible.

Weathering a Challenging Period

Of course, no service provider is immune to pandemic-related challenges or ongoing supply chain concerns. These modern challenges are affecting industries of all kinds and creating new administrative, logistical, and personnel issues.

That said, it’s up to your facility equipment and service provider to adjust and come up with proactive solutions to these challenges. From doubling down on preventative maintenance to properly stocking quality-assured parts and equipment, there are ways to ensure faster lead times even in the face of adversity.

lead times in industrial facilities

5 Causes of Longer Lead Times in Industrial Facilities

Let’s have a look at what factors can lead to long lead times in industrial facilities and how working with Lenworth can help you avoid them the next time you’re in need of assistance.

Problem #1: Multiple Visits Due to Insufficient or Missing Parts/Equipment

Nothing slows down lead times quite like the need for multiple return trips to your facility. Whether it’s because technicians came with the wrong parts or equipment or they need to source something they didn’t have upon inspection, this is an all-too-common problem in the industry.

Our Solution: One-Call Completion Rates

We understand how important avoiding downtime is to your facility. That’s why we show up prepared with the right parts, equipment, and information to get the job done right on the first visit. Our commitment to one-call completion rates can dramatically reduce lead times and help you get back up and running quicker. This approach has led to an industry-leading 88% one-call completion rate.

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Problem #2: A Lack of Flexibility or Expertise in the Service Offering

Too often, facility equipment and service providers lack the right knowledge and expertise to address different problems around a facility. They may be well-equipped to handle certain repairs or maintenance but ultimately can’t deliver in the areas that you need. This can lead to wasted consultations, improper diagnostics, more calling around, and other equipment issues down the line.\

Our Solution: Extensive Equipment Expertise

Having extensive knowledge of all types of industrial facilities and the equipment they need can make all the difference when it comes to reducing lead times. From high-speed overhead doors and truck restraints to dock levelers, indoor air quality, and electrical equipment, our technicians are prepared to service all types of equipment. This comprehensive equipment and service offering helps you diagnose and solve a wide range of problems around your facility:

  1. Industrial Installations
  2. Preventative Maintenance and Repairs
  3. Upgrades and Retrofits
  4. Electrical Services

lead times in industrial facilities

Problem #3: Long Response Times

The longer it takes for your service provider to get on-site, the longer maintenance and repair lead times are bound to be. Whether it’s due to an insufficient number of trained technicians, improper scheduling, or a lack of nearby service trucks, your service provider cannot serve you properly if they cannot get on-site with the right equipment at the right time.

Our Solution: Excellent Guaranteed Service Response Times

With a guaranteed single point of contact, you can rely on the 24/7 support of Lenworth’s robust, professional and award-winning service team regardless of your location. Our standardized processes allow for consistent, predictable support and response times across While we guarantee a 4-hour response time nationally, our average response time is 1.5 hours.

Problem #4: Poor Quotes and Equipment Consultations

If your service provider or technician doesn’t properly understand the problem you’re having with your equipment, it’s far more difficult to provide the right solution and quote you accurately. Given that they are experts, they should do everything they can to properly diagnose the problem to avoid miscommunication or delays down the line.

Our Solution: Reliable, Accurate Quoting, and Consultations

If you’re in need of equipment maintenance, replacement, or repairs, our professional facility improvement experts look forward to discussing your needs and recommending appropriate action. Depending on the situation, timeline, and scope, one of our experts will promptly:

  1. Listen to your unique operational needs
  2. Review your history, application, and issues
  3. Request photos/come to your facility for an on-site visit
  4. Provide budget-relevant recommendations

lead times

Problem #5: Poor Equipment and Service Standards

Replacing an entire piece of equipment or repairing/replacing a specific part? Your service provider should be focused on getting it done right to help you avoid future issues. This includes committing to routine facility inspections, preventative maintenance, sharing product knowledge, quick response times, and proper installation standards. After all, the best way to avoid long lead times is to avoid breakdowns and malfunctions altogether.

Our Solution: The Preferred Service Program (PSP)

We offer this program to our customers as a way to help them boost productivity, avoid long lead times for repairs, prevent accidents, and access reliable facility services when they need them. PSP members can take advantage of:

  1. Exclusive discounts on parts
  2. Routine facility inspections
  3. A maximum 4-hour response time
  4. Fixed labour costs for one year

The comprehensive services available through the PSP reinforce our commitment to reducing service costs, increasing the reliability of equipment, improving response time, better productivity, and rigorous compliance.

We Offer Solutions to Help Your Facility Operate at a Higher Level

We believe in providing our customers and clients with the best services possible no matter the situation. If you have more questions about our extensive range of industrial facility services, equipment product line, or our PSP, contact one of our representatives today!

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