Comfort & Energy Efficiency: The Benefits Of HVLS Fans


HVLS Fans Can Help Create Comfortable, More Energy-Efficient Workplaces

In large facilities such as industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, managing indoor airflow/distribution, ensuring employee comfort, and reducing energy expenses should all be top-of-mind. And while working towards operational excellence is about more than any one step, the benefits of High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) fans presents a tangible, effective way to create more comfortable and efficient facilities, especially during the summer months.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of HVLS fans and how they can help you achieve operational excellence. 

HVLS Fans Help Create More Comfortable Interior Working Conditions

Maintaining a comfortable work environment is a key component for success

HVLS can be a major benefit to large facilities that don’t use air conditioning in the summer months. They can help create comfortable interior conditions through evaporative cooling. These large fans constantly circulate and redistribute large volumes of air to prevent a barrier of hot, humid air from forming around employees when they sweat. This constant breeze helps to move hot air away from the body faster and increases the rate at which sweat evaporates. 

Ultimately, this leads to cost-effective natural cooling and more comfortable working conditions for all employees. When HVLS fans are used in ambient environments without A/C, their ability to move and circulate air can lead to workplaces that feel up to 10° F cooler.

During the winter months, HVLS fans can help support heating systems through a process called destratification. The destratification process involves mixing and redistributing warm air trapped at the ceiling down to the floor level, resulting in far more comfortable and optimized working conditions while helping to take the load off your facility’s heating infrastructure. 

One of the benefits of HVLS fans includes their whisper-quiet operation. Thanks to this characteristic, HVLS can also be used in commercial applications such as restaurants, breweries, atriums and dealerships. They can help create a pleasant indoor environment and provide comfort for employees and patrons with little to no distraction year-round.


HVLS Fans Can Lead to Smarter Energy Usage in Your Facility

Finding more efficient, responsible ways to use energy can be a major pain point for businesses and facilities of all sizes. Luckily, products such as HVLS fans can help effectively address these energy consumption challenges and benefit your business in the long run. 

HVLS Fans Can Help Reduce Energy Costs When Used With HVAC Systems

For facilities that do use HVAC systems, HVLS fans can help reduce energy consumption without compromising the comfort they provide, regardless of the time of year:  

In hotter months, HVLS fans help increase airflow and the distribution of cool air throughout the facility so that HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to keep facilities cool. With the right HVLS fan, facilities can raise temperature setpoints and save up to 40% on energy bills without sacrificing the comfort of employees and patrons. 

In colder months, HVLS fans can supplement heating systems through destratification. By mixing and redistributing warm air down to the floor level, HVLS fans help eliminate the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor. This process allows heating systems to work more efficiently in the long run. By combining HVLS fans with an HVAC system, you can cut energy consumption by up to 30%. 

HVLS Fans Provide A Cost-Effective Way to Keep Facilities Cool and Well-Ventilated 

In large facilities where air conditioning systems aren’t a viable option, HVLS fans present a cost-effective, reliable way to keep things cool and well-ventilated.  These fans circulate large quantities of air for pennies per day to aid in evaporative cooling and constantly keep air flowing throughout the building. 


Take Steps Towards Operational Excellence With HVLS Fans From Lenworth

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