6 Ways High-Speed Doors Help Automotive Dealerships Save Energy and Money


Help Automotive Dealerships Save Energy and Money

How to Create an Efficient Automotive Dealership

What motivates an individual to choose one car dealership over another? The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) theorized that great products, service, and pricing were at the top of the list, but instead it found that the number one reason customers choose one dealership over another is “a good dealer experience,” according to the 2012 Foresight Dealership Experience Strategy Report.

According to the TADA, “Many dealerships have undergone major renovations or built new state-of-the-art facilities to provide a higher level of comfort and convenience for their customers.” Renovating a dealership to ensure that the first impression is positive can actually have a significant impact on an individual’s decision to make a purchase or keep looking.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a positive customer experience at a dealership. A clean and well-maintained facility with efficient, high-speed overhead doors is part of this experience.


How High-Speed Doors Help Automotive Dealerships Save Energy and Money

The automotive industry is highly competitive, so dealerships need to create and maintain a high-performing environment to appeal to customers. Anyone in the auto industry can attest to the fact that unnecessary downtime negatively affects customer service. High-speed doors are engineered to reduce costs and maximize productivity—this makes high-speed overhead doors the ideal fit for an auto dealership. There are six major benefits of overhead high-speed doors for auto dealerships.


1. Low Maintenance and Few Repairs

High-speed overhead doors are durable and require few repairs. When a facility takes care of its equipment, a high-speed door can work seamlessly for many years after its initial installation. Yes, the upfront cost of a high-speed door is higher than that of its traditional counterpart, but the high-speed overhead door pays out for years to come, making it well worth the investment.


2. Less Downtime and Higher Productivity

Standard overhead doors generally require more repairs, which leads to time loss in an automotive dealership. A slower door will result in moderate time loss but a damaged or defective door could accumulate days of reduced productivity. Imagine a large auto dealership that operates with fifteen overhead doors and has two doors out of commission. Such a dealership will feel the effects in the form of a low-performing environment, slower service and customer dissatisfaction.


3. Faster and More Efficient Cycle Times

As mentioned above, the speed of an overhead door is reflected in the quality of service provided to the customer. High-speed doors work so efficiently that workers don’t have to wait around for the cycle completion or feel like work is being held up unnecessarily. The result is a win-win for employees and customers.


4. Custom Designs

Automotive dealerships need overhead doors suited for a variety of applications, from an aesthetically pleasing showroom door to a reliable car wash door. High-speed doors can meet a dealership’s expectations, with features tailored to every corner of the facility. Lenworth experts have worked in a variety of auto dealerships and understand which doors are best suited for each application. You can book a complimentary consultation if you’re unsure which overhead doors you need in your dealership.


5. Guaranteed Durability

Overhead doors in an automotive dealership may experience an impact in the case of accidental hits. Dealerships can install a durable high-speed door in these high-traffic zones. Generally, high-speed doors are capable of withstanding abuse and will not encounter issues from minor contact. When you install an extra-durable door in a zone that’s susceptible to impact, you can safeguard against repetitive repairs that will add up in the long term.


6. Energy-Saving Capability

High-speed overhead doors are fast and efficient, which saves not only time but energy. The longer it takes for an overhead door to open and close, the more air is lost from the facility’s internal environment. If a dealership pays to heat or cool its building, high-speed doors are integral for saving on energy bills. Customers and employees will be more comfortable in an environment that is protected from the outside elements.


Choose the Right Overhead Doors—Improve Your Dealership

The service you provide your customers can be improved by the products you have in your auto dealership. If you manage a facility in the auto industry, talk to a professional about replacing your low-speed, inefficient overhead doors with durable, long-lasting, and time-saving alternatives.

Stay ahead of the competition by operating an efficient and modern car dealership. We can help you select the ideal products to get you there. If you have any questions about how to improve your facility, talk to a Lenworth representative for a no-hassle, free consultation.


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