[Infographic] 5 Sources of Energy Loss in Your Industrial Facility




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Infographic Transcription:

5 Sources of Energy Loss in Your Industrial Facility

1. Incorrect Dock Seals & Truck Shelters on Dock Doors

With so many varying types of trailers being used today, the need to customize Dock Seals and Truck Shelters is more important than ever. The product model, curtain drop, unit projection and overall dimensions are important considerations to ensure your Dock Door is sealed properly.

2. Damaged Weatherseal

If your Dock Leveler is missing both sides of the dock brush, this is equivalent to having a one square foot hole in your building wall. There are a wide variety of weatherseal types available to minimize ongoing wear and reduce energy loss.

3. Inadequate Speed on High-Cycle Overhead Doors

Speed of operation is a critical consideration to reducing energy loss. On a typical Drive-in Door, a high speed door can reduce the cycle time (a full open/close cycle) from (56) seconds to (5.6) seconds. In  high-cycle applications, this increased speed of operation allows for significantly reduced energy costs.

4. Inadequate Heat Destratification

With warehouse ceilings continuing to get higher for maximum cubic area, the importance of destratifying air effectively is becoming an important consideration in reducing energy costs. HVLS Fans are a perfect solution to minimize the ever-increasing natural gas costs.

5. Improper Programming of Electric Operators

A timer to close feature eliminates the possibility of human error as it ensures that your Overhead Doors close automatically after 0-60 second programmable time interval has been reached. It is also critical that safety devices such as loops and motion sensors are programmed correctly to avoid “false detection” which will keep your overhead doors open.

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