5 Reasons Why Lenworth is the Best Choice for HVLS Fans in Toronto


On the hunt for new HVLS fans for your Toronto facility? Go with Lenworth.

For facility managers looking to purchase and install HVLS fans in Toronto, there are plenty of potential providers to choose from. But in order to make the best decision possible, consider these imperative intangibles when choosing who to work with:

  1. Is the quality and variety of their selection up to par? 
  2. Do they offer accredited installation and post-purchase maintenance? 
  3. Will they respond to the unique demands of my facility? 

To ensure both an excellent product and that all these questions are effectively addressed, Lenworth is the best choice for HVLS fans installation and maintenance in Toronto. Read on to learn about five ways we go above and beyond for our clients in Toronto and across the GTA. 

1. We are committed to doing things rights and providing a variety of services for Toronto facilities 

Lenworth is built on a strong set of company values: hard work, trust, and passion. From the sales team to the service team, and technicians, every Lenworth employee is selected for their ability to turn hard work into great results.

In addition to providing new HVLS fans installation, we deliver post-purchase care and routine inspection to help keep our customers satisfied over the long term. Through our work to establish client relationships built on trust and our diverse service offering, we have accomplished a reputation as an industry leader and an advocate for proper accreditation, employee training and customer satisfaction.

2. Our trained, accredited team are experts when it comes to servicing HVLS fans in Toronto

Lenworth has a strong commitment to continuous learning and investment in our staff. Our accredited specialists have undergone extensive training to properly install and service different models of HVLS fans for both commercial and industrial purposes.

We understand the importance of servicing each facility according to its unique demands. We prioritize customer satisfaction and education as they transition to their new products.

Our highly-trained specialists will work with facility managers at every stage of the process to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment.

3. Lenworth carries a selection of high-end HVLS fans in Toronto for industrial and commercial applications

With hundreds of satisfied customers and over thousands of HVLS fans installed and serviced, we are experienced in providing the right HVLS fans for the right situations. Regardless of facility specifications and price points, we have the expertise and the inventory to cater to your needs. Lenworth’s entire line of HVLS fans is manufactured in Ontario for fast lead times, local application engineering and product support. These high-end HVLS fans will all lead to safer, more efficient working conditions in hotter and colder months. Here’s a quick look at the HVLS fans that we carry:

The Altra-Air Sailfin Gearless HVLS Fan

Looking for a powerful, durable, quiet direct-drive HVLS fan that delivers maximum air circulation? The Altra-Air Sailfin Gearless is a strong option. Featuring only two moving parts, this unit eliminates any potential oil leaks. For ultimate safety while in use, this model features: an unbreakable cast alloy aluminum hub, a steel flat bar restriction system, 3/16″ safety cables, guy wires, an integrated 20,000 lumen LED light and an auto-impact shutoff system. For consistent airspeeds and better coverage at less cost, it’s designed with an industry-leading tapered airfoil that’s up to 10-¾” wide with a pitch that moves from 16° to a 23° angle of attack for maximized airflow.

And the best part? It’s lighter, stronger than traditional HVLS fans and requires little to no maintenance. Available in diameters ranging from 8’ to 24’, this model caters to various industrial needs. 

HVLS fans in Toronto

The Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS Fan

An alternative to the Altra-Air Sailfin Gearless HVLS Fan, this model does not feature the direct-drive motor yet still creates faster fan speeds, increases airflow and operates at whisper-quiet levels. It eliminates noise by using a non-linear leading edge to spread noise across a greater range of frequencies while a combination of zinc-coated steel and injection mould fibre-filled polypropylene creates a lightweight, industrial-strength fan blade. This cost-effective model provides consistent airspeed and better coverage thanks to the advanced, tapered, varying-degree airfoil design.

Available in diameters ranging from 8’ to 24’, the Altra-Air Sailfin Gearless HVLS Fan is an excellent option for safer, more efficient working conditions year-round.

HVLS fans in Toronto

The Jazz Fan

From office spaces to atriums and restaurants to breweries, the Jazz Fan is a best-in-class option for a wide range of commercial facilities. This customizable, cost-effective and comfort-enhancing HVLS fan offers more than its aesthetic; it is the perfect example of what happens when innovative design meets smart engineering. The Jazz Fan’s airfoils have an industry-leading, varying-degree angle of attack. Ranging from 6° at the tip to 14° at the greatest point, these blades maximize air movement and minimize power consumption for comfort year-round. Sharing the same strong and quiet characteristics as the above-mentioned models, the Jazz Fan is also an excellent energy-saving option. Its on-board, pre-wired controls constantly measure fan loads and make real-time energy-saving adjustments. And how does it ensure safety in various applications? The Jazz Fan has built-in UL, CSA, CE-certified safety controls, dimmable LED lights, a superior harnessing system & universal mounting. 

Best of all, this direct-drive unit has only two moving parts to effectively limit oil leaks and is virtually maintenance-free. The Jazz Fan also comes in a variety of finishes. Choose from rich carbon fibre, rustic barn board, soft leather and deep mahogany to complement the interior design of your facility.

HVLS Fans in Toronto


4. Our lineup of HVLS fans can help improve efficiency and productivity

Reduced heating and cooling costs

By working in tandem with HVAC systems, HVLS fans help facilities use their energy more efficiently while maintaining performance. On their own, these fan systems are incredibly efficient, with units costing pennies per day to operate. These combined benefits will help facility managers take meaningful strides towards saving on energy costs and reducing their overall carbon footprint.

When these HVLS fans are used in ambient environments without A/C, their ability to move and circulate air can lead to workplaces that feel up to 10° F cooler. In winter, these HVLS fans effectively destratify large spaces by distributing warm air trapped at the ceiling. This can lead to heat savings of up to 30%. When used in conjunction with an A/C unit, HVLS fans can help facilities raise temperature setpoints and save 40% on energy bills without sacrificing comfort. 

More comfortable interior conditions

As we’re heading into the colder months, low temperatures can negatively affect employee safety and productivity, especially around loading dock areas. Maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature in the fall and winter enhances employee well-being and operational efficiency. HVLS fans help facilities properly redistribute warm air generated by HVAC systems down to the floor level, making it easier to create and sustain these pleasant working conditions year-round. 

In commercial applications like restaurants, lobbies, atriums, breweries, or automotive dealerships, HVLS fans encourage better airflow and air circulation while leading to more comfortable internal conditions for all customers all year round.

5. Lenworth offers the best pre- and post-purchase care and customer service in Toronto

Our commitment to ensuring our clients get the most out of their HVLS fans extends beyond the purchase of the product itself. After the initial inquiry, one of our representatives will tour a facility to gain a complete understanding of its unique needs and which type of HVLS fan would be most beneficial. Following a purchase, all of our clients have the opportunity to join our Preferred Service Program (PSP)

What is the Preferred Service Program?

The PSP is a membership program that offers facility managers with preventative maintenance services meant to mitigate facility risk, prevent accidents and boost productivity. There are several tangible items that our Preferred Service Customers can take advantage of when they join the program. These include: 

  1. Exclusive discounts on parts 
  2. Routine facility inspections
  3. Guaranteed 4-hour response time 
  4. Fixed labour costs for one year

The comprehensive services available through the PSP reinforce our commitment to reducing service costs, increasing the reliability of equipment, improving response time, better productivity and compliance with proper safety regulations.

Need new HVLS fans? Go with an industry leader. 

Don’t settle for inadequate, delayed services in this challenging time. Lenworth believes in providing our customers and clients with the best, most complete services possible no matter the situation. This means ensuring reduced service costs, increased reliability of equipment, improved response time, better productivity and more effective compliance with current health & safety regulations. If you have more questions about our extensive selection of HVLS fans, our PSP or our products and services in general, contact one of our representatives today! 


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