Understanding Types of High Speed Overhead Doors


When it comes to improving the efficiency, reliability, and safety of work environments, high speed overhead doors present substantial advantages over standard overhead doors. When evaluating high speed doors, it’s important to understand that there are a number of different types to choose from, each with its own features and advantages. Below is a breakdown of three popular types of high speed overhead doors – The Lenworth Infinity Drive, The Albany RapidRoll 3000, and Dynaco’s Fabric Roll-Up Doors.

The Lenworth Infinity Drive

The Lenworth Infinity Drive is a low-cost, high-result alternative to upgrading your existing door without replacing it entirely. The unique design replaces the series of clutch assembly and v-belt mechanics with a direct drive motor mounted on a shaft that has less moving parts, resulting in fewer calls for repair. It’s designed for a high-cycle application that moves up to 24” per second – four times faster than the standard operating system (6” per second).

The most significant advantage of The Infinity Drive is that it is approximately half the cost of replacing an entire door system (depending on customized features like motion sensors, push-button operations, etc.). Its blazing speed will help to improve heating and cooling retention in your loading area, ultimately helping contribute to a more efficient cost of operation for your facility. The Infinity Drive is especially effective in situations where goods are being held in temperature-sensitive environments.

Albany High Speed Overhead Doors

Albany High Speed Overhead Doors

The Albany RapidRoll 3000

Albany Doors manufactures the Rapidroll 3000  – the fastest rolling metal door on the market. It has a closing speed of up to 96” per seconds using patented Disc Drive Technology. It rolls the slats on winding discs without touching each other, which reduces noise and wear and tear.

In addition to its rapid movement, it’s extremely safe and secure. The patented safety edge uses a pre-running photocell that detects objects anywhere in the door path and retracts quickly before making contact. Its double-walled aluminum slats are tightly sealed providing a well-guarded working environment.

All of Albany’s doors are customizable to fit the demands of your facilities, and the sleek appearance of the aluminum slats gives your building a high visual appeal.

Dynaco High Speed Overhead Doors

Dynaco High Speed Overhead Doors

A Dynaco Industrial Fabric High Speed Door

Dynaco’s high speed industrial fabric roll-up doors are engineered with unique side-guide technology that creates a tight seal to protect from outdoor elements and contaminants. The bottom edge moulds itself to the floor and sides of the doorway and is constructed with reinforced PVC vinyl.

The “zipper” design prevents crashes by automatically re-inserting itself with the push of a button if dislodged from its side guides. The soft bottom edge and no weight or ridged parts vastly reduce the risk of employees being injured. It’s the safest high speed door in the industry.

Get Moving With A High Speed Overhead Door

A high speed overhead door is an essential component for any temperature controlled facility, and an obvious asset to any type of industrial facility. They help to improve the efficiency at which goods move, retain heating and cooling, and improve the overall safety of facilities via smart technologies. While the above helps you understand the basics of each of the major high speed overhead doors, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice in determining the right door for your application.

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