Dynaco High Speed Doors

Lenworth is proud to supply, install and repair all makes and models of Dynaco High Speed Doors.

Lenworth takes pride in carrying a number of high speed doors that can help to improve the efficiency of your facility. One of the key brands of High Speed Door we are proud to offer is DYNACO.

Dynaco High Speed Industrial Fabric Roll-Up Doors

DYNACO high speed industrial fabric roll-up doors are custom designed for your operation and your application. The doors are built for indoor or outdoor use, or both. Dynaco high speed doors also have a unique “patented push pull doors” concept offering the safest, fastest, best sealing roll up doors, with the lowest maintenance cost in the industry. The reason for this incredible reliability lies in the engineering and construction of the door itself.

Each door is designed with a unique side-guide technology that gives them an extremely tight seal against wind, rain and contaminants. Combined with the top rail air tight mechanism and the soft bottom edge technology that literally molds itself to the floor, a four sided, tight seal, maintaining negative or positive pressure, if required, is a guarantee.

The Dynaco Direct-Drive System

DYNACO’s Direct Drive System provides simplicity and reliability as the high speed door moves quickly and effortlessly. With true soft bottom edges and no weights or rigid parts, the door significantly reduces the risk of anyone or anything being hurt or damaged.

With DYNACO’s Door Activation system, doors are equipped with infrared photocell sensors in the doorframe, which immediately stop the door in its tracks when sensing an object in the doorway. With the built in pneumatic reversing edge design, anyone or anything that does come in contact with a Dynaco high speed door will instantly cause the door to reverse.

Dynaco High Speed Door Safety & Reliability

DYNACO doors are fast and reliable. Each Dynaco high speed door curtain is constructed of a strong, reinforced PVC vinyl. Depending on the size and function, they can move up and down at a rate of up to 96″/second. Furthermore, the DYNACO “zipper” design allows our doors to be crash forgiving. If on impact a door is ever dislodged from its side guides, the door automatically re-inserts itself with the push of a button, preventing downtime and loss of productivity. No service call needed.

Dynaco high speed doors can withstand winds of up to 141 miles per hour depending on door size and application. This makes them perfectly suited for outside installations.

Customized For Your Facilities’ Needs

From an all-purpose high speed roll-up door, to a highly sophisticated clean room application, or a –22 degree freezer area for cold storage, food or other low temperature situations, DYNACO has a door specifically designed for each application

Depending on the application, Dynaco high speed doors can be as large as 39 feet wide and 18 feet high, or as small as 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. Color options, vision, activation, you pick, we’ll build your DYNACO doors just the way you want them.

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